Bartica man doused with acid while in bed


By Leroy Smith

Travis Joseph. [iNews' Photo]
Travis Joseph. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Twenty – seven – year old Travis Joseph of 3 Miles, Bartica was on Sunday morning (April 19) awoken from his slumber with a burning sensation to his body after a corrosive substance was thrown on him.

Doctors at the Bartica Hospital reportedly confirmed that the corrosive substance was battery acid. iNews understands that the man and his family are pointing fingers at Joseph’s former employer in the community.

The family is also of the view that the incident might have stemmed from a decision by Joseph to report to the police, some illegal activities the businessman might be involved in.

Joseph spoke with iNews on Sunday while in a boat on his way to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he noted that the incident took place at approximately 02:30 hrs on Sunday morning.

He said he was lying down on his back, sleeping when he felt a liquid on his body followed by an instant and intense burning sensation on his head, face, eyes, chest and right hand.

Joseph said that the perpetrator escaped using the veranda and reports indicate that a dark colored car was waiting for him. Joseph made a police report and according to information received, the accused businessman has since been questioned and a statement taken.




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