AK – 47 Magazines found in Albouystown house were used in scrap metal trade – Police source

The used spent shells.


By Leroy Smith

The used spent shells.
The used spent shells.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Four AK-47 magazines and M70 high powered weapons along with the dozens of spent shells and army attire were found in a house at James and Victoria Streets, Albouystown last night during a police raid.

iNews understands that the items were found in the home of a former army personnel which was destroyed by fire. A police source close to the investigation revealed that the items are not suspected to have been used in the commissioning of any crime.

It was also noted that the empty magazines and the spent shells were being used as part of the scrap metal trade. The police were able to arrest two persons.

The police were informed of the presence of the items after there was a family feud in the yard where a person allege that he was assaulted by another member of the family.



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