Airport Employees allegedly worked in collusion to put Cocaine on CAL plane


CAL[] – As the police intensify their investigations into the 2.2 kilogrammes of cocaine found on Caribbean Airlines BW 606 aircraft on Friday, there is reportedly strong evidence to suggest that staff from more than one agency were working in collusion to facilitate the illegal activity.

Several leads are being pursued and charges are expected to be laid shortly, a statement from the Airport said. The aircraft had touched down at Cheddi Jagan International Airport at 12:11 hrs from Trinidad to pick up passengers enroute to Toronto, Canada.

After all baggage was offloaded from the aft hold, airline security conducted a sweep of the hold as per Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). It was during this exercise; two packages of the illegal substance were discovered.

The police were immediately summoned to check the suspect package. iNews understands that four ramp attendants are in police custody.  



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