NA Prison Hacking: Inmate loses fingers; another burned with acid



By Kurt Campbell

prisoners 2[] – One inmate of the New Amsterdam prison is confirmed to have lost several of his fingers after a fellow inmate (murder accused) who is only known as ‘Shoulders’ went berserk and launched an attack on him and three others at the facility last night.

Among the injured are 31 – year – old Abdulsalam Azimullah, who is nursing chop wounds about his body at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Forty – year – old Clarence Williams had several of his fingers severed and dislocation of joints, 22 – year – old Davindra Harrichand also suffered a fractured right foot and severe injuries to all his fingers while 33 – year – old Kevine Bagwandin who is nursing chops about the body and acid burns.

The four men are reported to be members of a gang within the prison.Prisoners

According to reports, the perpetrator wrestled a prison warden, choking him until he became unconscious and took away the keys after which he armed himself with a cutlass and opened the cells where the men were as he launched what appears to be a premeditated attack.

The situation was quickly brought under control and the four men were rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital before being transferred to the GPHC.

It is believed that the man was reacting to an injustice meted out to him by the alleged gang members.

When contacted, Director of Prisons (ag) Welton Trotz told iNews that his Deputy is currently at the facility carrying out investigations.

He said he would prefer to wait until the preliminary report was available to him before offering any comments.

Meanwhile, discourse on social media and other pockets across the country question both the motive behind the chopping incident and the accessibility the inmate had to overpower a warden and subsequently arming himself with a cutlass long enough the chop four men in different cells.



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