‘A’ Division Commander introduces new Security Posture for Georgetown Businesses


By Leroy Smith

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The business community in Georgetown and its immediate environs which falls under the Police A Division command is being called upon to ensure that the physical appearance and infrastructure of their place of business are well secured and strengthened.

GT Business peopleThe call was made on Wednesday, April 20 by A Division Commander, Clifton Hicken, who along with his high command met with the business community of the Division on Brickdam, Georgetown.

They included the Deputy Commander, Traffic Officer, Crime Officer, Impact Program Commander, Impact Program Coordinator and Sub-divisional Officer.

Hicken told the businessmen and women, who gathered that it made absolutely no sense for them to have a business place, make lots of money and no proper security measure in place.

Hicken told the business community that with the modernization program, the police are working to engage the community in a more meaning and effective way. He related that that the police force is not in the business of dealing with crime in a confrontational manner unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

He added too that the fight against crime has to be one which adopts an inter agency approach and that is the direction in which the police force is moving.Police Meeting

According to Hicken, the two areas which should be of importance of the business community as they buy into the approach of a new security posture are the strengthening their infrastructure is the mounting of Close Circuit Television Cameras.

The Commander told the business community that the instillation of the CCTV cameras that are of high quality will serve to deter persons with criminal intentions.

He made it clear that the police was in no way dictating the way business owners manage their businesses but rather advising them on a way forward that can be described as better practices aimed at preventing losses and the commissioning of crimes.

The police hope to target the areas along South Road, Croal Street, Regent Street, North Road, Robb Street, Church Street and Camp Street as part of the new security posture. The mobile numbers of the A Division senior officers were also shared with the members of the business community.




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