9 day later: Remains of Kaieteur jumper still to be retrieved

Dead: Roshinee Pagwah took photos at the falls before deciding to kill herself.


Dead: Roshinee Pagwah
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Nine days ago 21-year-old Roshinee Pagwah plunged to her death while on a trip to the Kaieteur Falls; her remains are yet to be retrieved despite it being spotted by officials.

According to Police Divisional Commander ‘F’ Division Ravindradat Budhram, the young lady’s remains are in the gorge of the Kaieteur Falls which makes it all the more difficult to retrieve.

Pagwah’s body was spotted sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

Pagwah was among a tour group of nine and two guides and was about to be taken back to their aircraft, when she turned, ran towards the Falls, and jumped into the gorge.

Prior to taking her own life, the young lady posed for several photographs at the Falls and reports indicate that she did not appear to be sad during the trip.

However reports and social media postings have speculated that the young lady may have been mourning the loss of an ex-boyfriend – who committed suicide five years ago.




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