President lashes back at Jagdeo about Trotman’s ability to handle climate change

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo (left) and President David Granger.
President David Granger
President David Granger

[] – President David Granger, who wrapped up his participation at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta, rapped comments by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, who said that Minister of Governance with responsibility for Natural Resources and the Environment, Raphael Trotman is not a suitable candidate to represent Guyana at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) to be held from November 30 to December 11.

Calling the former President’s comments misplaced, unfair and unhelpful, during a special recording of the Public Interest, President Granger said, “Even before Mr. Trotman goes to Paris, to make that type of allegation, it is very unhelpful. Guyana has several challenges and I think the attitude or the perception by other countries that Guyana has a united front… would better serve our national interests.”

According to a release from the Ministry of the Presidency, Mr Granger said that the new administration is focused on a holistic approach to managing and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change.

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.
Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

The President declared that there is a conceptual difference in the approach to environmental management than that of the previous administration. Responding to questions about Jagdeo’s criticisms of the new administration’s position on climate change, the President said, “If he has a strong view, we can meet and sit down and discuss it. We are an inclusive government and we are prepared to sit down and benefit from his experience. But to stay afar off and start to attack a representative of the present Government is not the behaviour we expect of a former Head of State… We are not at war with the PPP… We were the ones who held out a hand of friendship and I would welcome Mr. Jagdeo sitting down and giving us the sort of brief that I feel the new government is entitled to.”

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Expanding on the divergence of the Government’s position from that of what he called a deficient approach to climate change under the previous administration, the Head of State said that the modified policy focuses on the development of a green economy, which covers areas beyond just the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS).

“Many people got the impression that the whole idea, or a large part of the motivation under the previous administration, was simply to get funds. The result is that many people did not really understand how the strategy would work for them. So it is partly a question of public information [and] partly a question of considering climate change in a holistic way”, he said.

Touting a vision of overall ecological and environmental management the President said that climate change is not a money-making venture.

“It is not a device to get money from one country and simply transfer it. It is a means of transforming the economy. It is not a transfer of funds. It is a whole conceptual difference we are talking about”, he said.

While the issue continues to be one that is a critical part of the development agenda, President Granger has indicated that he will not be attending COP21 since he needs to take some time to focus on domestic issues at home.

“I would have liked to go to Paris but it is difficult to spend that amount of time out of the country right now. There are things at home that need my attention. I had to make a decision. It was a difficult decision but I do believe that it is in the national interest”, the Head of State said. He, however, indicated that Guyana would be well represented at the meeting.



  1. Jagdeo should know all about climate change with his promotion of deforestation and illegal logging by Chinese and the sale of the forest he was supposed to protect but started to sell off thus annoying the Norwegians…. Jagdeos ability to do anything credible is non existent, his forte is in theft, corruption and nastiness

  2. Marvim the boy is most liked by the Guyanese majority:
    The boy begged and borrowed so as to take Guyana out of the shit pits from the economic disaster the { man } big man Bunham left Guyanese with.
    The boy stopped the wide spread beriberi that your people were experiencing from the economic disaster your man Bunham left them.
    You and your people are the most barefaced and the most ungrateful humans on earth..

  3. Ken, Better up hurry before Guyana falls deeper into the gutters. Pack up and move back quickly and enjoy a few seconds of progress under this Defacto Government….LOL

  4. Why is that uneducated boy saying anything guyana is on the move can’t wait to come home to all that progress in such a short period of time.

  5. You are 100% correct Valesha Gomanie. These idiots will sink our country into the gutters. A repeat of the Burnham era is upon us. In less than 1 year look at how many loans they have taken out against the Guyanese people. If Granger was serious about proper representation at this Climate Change conference in Paris then he should have reached out to the Opposition leader to be a part of the Guyanese delegation. Jagdeo has lots to offer this country however this Defacto Government feels they are the best thing that happened to us.

  6. The problem with Jagdeo, he doesn’t know when and how to exist the stage. He knows nothing about bowing out gracefully.
    You were the President for 12 long years, why do you think you have to critique everyone else’s ability to represent Guyana?

  7. Mr jagdeo is correct! The current administration has no economic sense! Since they took office, Guyana has taken loans from the USA, Canada, Saudi, Mexico, China and Indian….how does these fools plan to re-pay these loans when they cannot make proper economic improvement to generate revenue? Wait, Burhnam did the same non-sense in the 80s that forced Guyana into bankruptcy….The People of Guyana need to accept the facts that they were duped with fake promises to put these fools into office….This Regime will slide Guyana very fast under the ocean….Not to mention Crime is out of control…USA is offering free visa….the 80s is repeating itself….the working people run and migrate leaving the bums behind to live in the slum……..where corruption, suicide and crime is #1

  8. Jagdeo is like a bad penny, the quicker he comes off the scene the better. Guyana is on the move and he is like a thorn in the side of progress.

  9. Jagdeo is trying to save us from international embarrassment. Just go to You Tube and listen to Lisa Punch interviews , she is embarrassing us to the max. Just saying.

  10. What else can you expect from an uncouth, vindictive, selfish, bitter and conceited brat? Wish his supporters can reverse his nasty traits. Well said, President Granger. Greetings and Best wishes to all Guyanese for a Happy and Merry Christmas, continued forging of Unity and a Successful New Year!

  11. I like Granger’s response to the boy: The boy sees climate change crusade as a push to transfer foreign funds to Guyana, while the man sees climate change crusade as a push to transform Guyana, with or without foreign funds.


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