6 months jail for man who stole from daughter

Richard Benice. [iNews' Photo]

Richard Benice. [iNews' Photo]
Richard Benice. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifty – year-old Richard Benice of Lot 876 East La Penitence, Georgetown, accused of stealing a quantity of jewelry from the home of his daughter, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, where he pleaded guilty to the offense.

The court heard that Benice, a labourer attached to the Pritipaul Fisheries, Houston, East Bank Demerara on November 10, 2015 at Second Street, Meadow Bank, Georgetown, stole three gold chains,two pairs of gold earrings and two gold rings, the total value of $88,000.

He also stole a quantity of silver jewelry, the total value of $15,000; the property of Meril Frazer. The court heard that on the day in question, Frazer, who is the daughter of Benice, went home and found her father sleeping on the verandah.

She woke him up, gave him some food and went about her chores. Upon her return, she found him in her bedroom and asked him to leave.

According to the Prosecution, it was not until her father left that Frazer realized her jewelry box along with the mentioned items were missing.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment.



  1. We have to see more than simply putting this man in jail free stealing the jewelry. It is a crime and that too stealing belongings of your own children?

    Let us first take a look at the family bondings. When this girl was born imagine how happy the man might have been? How much sacrifice he has not done to raise her and what made the same man to resort to steal belonging of his own daughter?

    Do we have a social security system to take care of us at old age? Don’t we know that the government should care for all citizens. Meanwhile is it not the responsibility of the children to return love and care for their parents than putting them behind bars?

    Shame on all the children who make their parents cry and resort to such shameful act like this father who had to steal from his own daughter. Let the society be strong and the government take care of the neglected parents who are in need of money to buy food and pay bills.


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