56 months jail time for father charged with robbery with aggravation

Quincy Letlow
Quincy Letlow
Quincy Letlow

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 28 – year – old father of seven was today (Wednesday, November 26), sentenced to 56 months imprisonment by Magistrate Judy Latchman on a robbery with aggravation charge.

Quincy Letlow was convicted for the offence which alleged that on Tuesday, October 28 at the corners of Water and Croal Street, Georgetown; being in the company of another, he robbed Paul De Nobrega of one gold chain valued $230,000.

The facts stated that on the day in question, the victim was in the corner of Water and Croal Street, when the defendant pulled his gold chain around his neck.

After he was found guilty, he was asked to lead a defence and choose to give unsworn statements and declined to call a witnesses.

The prosecution was led by Police Inspector Joel Ricknauth and with the evidence led by the prosecution, the Court was satisfied that Letlow was on the scene at the material time. The Court believed that the defendant acted in consort with the chain snatcher and therefore that he was parcel of the felonious appropriation of the gold chain.

The Prosecutor related to the Court that the defendant that had several other convictions which include two counts of robbery under arms and an assault charge.

The jail term was handed down after Magistrate Latchman considered the defendant’s negative antecedent, the mitigating factors, the organized manner in which the crime was committed and the need to prohibit the defendant and others from contemplation of committing such offences.






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