PPP lashes back at Granger over comments that he will punish wrongdoers if elected President

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger
President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger
President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party said today, in a statement, that is not surprised at the Leader of the Opposition David Granger’s recent statements that, if he and his Party were to become the administration, he would punish persons “who have been alleged to have committed illegal or criminal acts.” 

The PPP says it is quite certain that Granger is referring to persons in the PPP/C administrations, past and present, who he and his Opposition colleagues allege to have committed wrongdoings. 

“The PPP notes too that Mr. Granger is fixated on immediate past President, Bharrat Jagdeo, and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh,” the statement noted.

The PPP says it is taking this warning and threat seriously since this is not the first time the leaders of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the PNC have issued such threats to Guyanese who have given yeoman service to Guyana.

“Such threats not only put investments for job creation at risk, but clearly expose the hypocritical nature of the PNC. It must be recalled that during the last electoral campaign, Leaders of that Party articulated position to attract investors and accused the government of not doing enough to encourage foreign investments. These irresponsible sentiments expressed are further demonstrative of the PNC’s inability to change and its engrained proclivity to fool Guyanese.” 

The PPP added that both Granger and Greenidge are not only using their positions to whip up xenophobic hysteria, but are signaling that if ever they were to become the administration, they would unleash vengeance against anyone they perceive to be associated with the PPP and the PPP/C administration.

“Given the history of that Party, these threats can only be seen as tantamount to the Demerara River flowing red with blood should the APNU and PNC come to power.”

Clearly, the PNC methods of instilling fear have not changed, PPP said; adding that these threats were not confined to what was already alluded to, but extended by PNC bloggers who have called on local businesses to put up signs that the PPP must go.

“Failure by these businesses to comply with the PNC threats would result in a boycott which that Party would advocate. This can only be seen as blatant extortion by a political Party which claims to have the interest of people at heart; again another example of wanton hypocrisy.”

The PPP reminds all Guyanese to listen and look closely at the utterances coming from the Opposition camps.  These utterances are once again exposing the true and old colours of the PNC.


  1. hey Vanessa, yuh should a seh write prapally ,nah speak prapally because yuh see me write, yuh na hear me speak. yuh get me pint? anyway na because yuh can speak ‘prapally’ like wan English duck,and write prapally like shakespear,dat mean yuh can tink prapally.yuh education na get value if yuh allow ather people fuh tink fuh yuh. by de way , wha mek yuh lef out de camma afta yuh she”Hello”?

  2. me fren tell me wan story about wan bajan maan an he son weh guh like dis: de daady seh,”son, if I win the lotto,i will buy a donkey.” de son get excited because in dem times if you get a donkey you’re a big maan in de island ..suh he tink he gun be able to show aff pan he friends.suh he tell he daady,”when you buy the donkey ,i will ride the filly.” in wan fit of anger de daady pick up wan big stick and start fuh beat a bai pan he back,”you want to break the filly’s back! you want to break the filly’s back!” he nah stap till he bus-up a bai back. up to today me hear dat maan can’t buy de donkey. grainja stay like de big maan in this story.tellme wen on earth grainja fantasy about becoming president gun be fulfilled. and if dat happen,who grainja gun punish? me guh gie yuh de ansa: is people like mr nagamootoo bbm[berbice bridge millionaire],tape maan nigel hughes, mr. ramgoatman,death announcement maan greenidge and even grainja heself. ahyu stap dis stupid talk about grainja punishing de ppp people.

  3. People, can’t you see what these politicians are doing to us, trying to divide and conquer for their own selfish gains.

  4. As I said before the pnc is far better than the PPP. Right now the PPP has turned guyana into a dictatorship state why the hell the supporters don’t talk about that. Only he want govern just like he do what he got to do to stay in power just so Burnham did what he had to do to stay in power. The PPP should take notes that grabbing power like that never lasts.

  5. PPP is talking trash I am from Guyana and there is so much wrong doing happening in Guyana I follow the news every day. Right now the rules in Guyana is if you are putting up a fence it must be 6 ft of concrete and 4 feet of mesh right now there is a guy in Betsy Ground who has 10 ft of concrete and the council tried to stop it but the judge allowed him this guy is boasting he is a PPP. I do hope if you guys want to continue being in power you will do the right things and this is one. I was home on vacation and you cannot even see up the street his fence is as high as our kitchen. Can the PPP please do something about people like this.

  6. Again I say! PNC, CRAPNU… All the same! What has changed with their game? Same party members with same mindset of 30 years ago. Why should what they say or do matter? They have been good at grouping up mobs and destabilizing the economy, excellent at setting prisoners from camp street free, arming criminal elements in Agricola and buxton, killing people who don’t vote for them, making Guyanese endure long lines for basic needs like flour and gas. Yes it’s so easy to forget the past that that party and it’s group charlatans have brought economic, emotional and physical stress and hardships on a Guyanese people. Now they want to rant and rave like they are the best thing since slice bread. Tired of all their utterances!!! Bring on the elections and let the voice of the populace be heard and the nail in coffin hammered with a permanent stroke of this cunning and unpatriotic party!!

  7. Mr. President, You have nothing to worry about. The PNC is using their scare tactics to put fear in the minds of people. The opposition will try any/all things possible to get back in Parliament without a dialogue. I wonder what Ramjattan is telling Granger now! Mr. President, those deceivers will do/say anything for you to reconvene Parliament with intention that the AFC can kill (bring an end to) the tenth Parliament. Only you have the legal authority to reconvene/prorogue Parliament. I read one PNC rogue wrote that you don’t have the power to prorogue. Well again I called upon all those ignorant undeveloped minds to challenge it in court. I say if they don’t want to listen to those in authority, then don’t succumb to their threats and give them the peoples chair to sit on in parliament. If they wants to run like little children in the street, then so be it. Let the AFC laugh them till their belly burst.

  8. a wha wrang wid grainja? a who he think he can fool seh he holy? he can’t fool nobady! everybody know seh he bin rig de laas pnc election an de wan befoe. everybody know seh he bin invalve in rigging de 73 electian’.everybody know how he praise he bai dem when dem shoot de ballot bax martas a coranteen. he bin seh he bai dem behave “splendid ” when dem shoot dem bai who bin a protect de ballot bax. if yuh wan know but wrongdoing , you juslook grainja recard.. grainja mus tank de lard dat in 1992 cheddi bin seh no recrimination. atherwise time like now he bin a languish a jail.

  9. Who the cap fit pull the string! That means that Granger should punish himself first. He just can’t shed the rigging image. Granger can’t hold a meeting in Linden. Wonder why. More rigging in the PNC’s internal elections and he is the chief bottle rigger!

  10. Quote: “The PPP notes too that Mr. Granger is fixated on immediate past President, Bharrat Jagdeo” Granger and his friends are suffering from “Jagdeoophobia” The epi- centre for this mental illness is at the Kaieteur News and since the PNC has been using the newspaper as their mouthpiece, it no surprise the illness has spread.

    Granger said he would “punish persons”. After the conclusion of the Rodney Commission of Inquiry those who are still alive from Burnham’s Red Brigade and culpable should be punished and this includes Granger and Haji Norman MacClean. History has shown that military persons were extremely poor leaders because they are always power hungry and fearful of losing their job, something they never worked hard for. Granger must be shown the exit door by PNC supporters and diehards. The man is the PNC’s biggest liability.

  11. You don’t fool anyone with that nonsense. Granger is correct, and you are also correct Granger would get rid of the whole bunch of PPP/C members,because you are all thieves. Those who stood by and watched the others thief with out saying anything is just as guilty by association. The could have removed themselves from the bunch. 15th day of one party ppp/c Dictatorship rule of Guyana.

  12. Grange’s promise to pursue criminals is to be applauded; who wants a leader who shelters criminals?

    Anyway, the APNU has stated clearly that it does not support a boycott. So, this piece of propaganda is nothing short of blatantly false.

  13. PPP Corrupt … you guys squealing like a cornered RAT!

    Nothing in the PPP press release is speaking directly to what Granger said.

    All they do is went off on a tangent with a whole load of propaganda that got nothing to do with the topic at hand which is to investigate alleged corrupt government officials!


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