52 – year – old remanded for damaging GT&T cables


Fifty – two – year old Laurence John of 113 John Street Werk – En – Rust Georgetown appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman charged with the offense of damage to property.

The allegations state that on July 22 at Smyth Street Georgetown, the accused maliciously damaged one length of Telephone cable valued at $800,000.

The accused initially pleaded guilty to the offence but based on his explanation a not guilty plea was entered by the Magistrate. The police prosecutor disclosed that on the day of the incident, John was seen chopping the telephone cable and an alarm was raised.

The accused was subsequently arrested and charged. The prosecutor also objected to bail  based on the quantity of cable involved, the prevalence of the offence and the fact that the accused may not return to court for trial. The Magistrate refused bail and Laurence John will make his next court appearance on July 31. [Royan Abrams]



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