4 years jail for Market Vendor found guilty of Marijuana possession

Roger Gill
Roger Gill
Roger Gill

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Bourda Market Vendor has been sentenced to four years imprisonment by Magistrate Ann McLennan after he was found guilty for the illegal possession of 426 grammes of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

It is alleged that 26 – year – old Roger Gill of Lot 103 Carmichael Street, Georgetown, had the illegal substance in his possession on May 08 at Bourda when the police ranks acting on information went to his stall and conducted a search.

The narcotics were found in a calabash bowl that was displaced for sale in the shop, while some was found in a black bag. During the trial, Gill was represented by Attorney – at – Law, Clyde Forde and the case was prosecuted by Dinero Jones.




  1. You locking up a man for 4 years for Weed; and you have people like Hinds and his criminal cronies walking around, after admitting he killed people. WOW! I never thought I’d ever be saying this, Guyana is adopting the Justice System like the US.

  2. Illegality is illegality. Don’t try to make comparisons with alcohol and that stuff marijuana. The latter is an illegal substance in the vast number of countries throughout planet earth. You could count the countries that allow marijuana use using the joints of one finger. What you are trying to justify here is the trafficking of marijuana by this Bourda market vendor. He used that facility to traffic narcotics and has been probably using it a a cover for his illegal business. How long was this going on? Bucket bottom dropped out.

  3. marijuana is an illegal “drug’ and alcohol is a legal ‘drug’ – that is the only difference. Alcohol is a danger to your health with enormous social consequences. But,in our small, parochial, narrow, backward, neo colonial, god -fearing country it is considered a moral danger and someone can lose their “freedom’ for four years for itś consumption or sale. whilst the protagonists of serious crimes cannot even be found or properly investigated (eg Walter Rodneyś murder etc!). Time to shake off the shackles of ignorance and the old moral values of a repressive history.

  4. bobby that is exactly my question….how does this compute 4 years for weed while all these white collar thieves and walking free out there…I don’t understand the law in Guyana is screwed up!!

  5. I agree that persons who traffic in narcotics should feel the full brunt of the law . But how does this compare with the armed robbers who robbed a person of eight million dollars and were sentenced to a few months of community service?


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