Jimmy Carter, former US president, reveals he has cancer

Former US President Jimmy Carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter

[BBC] – Former US President Jimmy Carter says recent liver surgery revealed that he has cancer and it has spread to other parts of his body.

The 90-year-old statesman underwent surgery to remove a small mass in his liver earlier this month. He said he would reveal more “when facts are known, possibly next week”.

Mr Carter, who left the White House in 1981, has remained active carrying out humanitarian efforts with his Carter Center in recent years. He founded the centre, which focuses on human rights efforts and political mediation, soon after he left office.

He was later responsible for negotiating a 1994 nuclear disarmament pact with North Korea and has visited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in recent years.

A Democrat from Georgia, Mr Carter was elected president in 1976. In May, he returned early from a trip to observe elections in Guyana due to a cold.

The BBC interviewed Mr Carter in February about his efforts to eradicate guinea worm disease and in the South Sudan and Mali and river blindness in both Africa and Latin America.

He said then he was happy to still be travelling and doing work across the globe.



  1. Why is Cancer so Prevalent in the USA?

    I have been giving this malady some thought for quite some time, and have concluded the following.

    Firstly too much chemicals are used in the food growing, and farms throughout America. Insecticides and pesticides, all have very TOXIC agents within them.

    Secondly, food preservatives to keep fruits and vegetables for long periods, and refrigeration are also factors of highly toxic chemicals being consumed via food.

    Finally, how many people wash all fruits and vegetables before they cook them?

    And Americans love to eat at Fast Food Restaurants and other Eateries. How do know if those fruits, vegetables, meats, and beef, are properly cleaned, and prepared?

    So CANCER is the result of decades of food poisoning that Americans are exposed to.


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