Major shakeup looms for Guyana Chronicle – new Chief Editor being sought

Chronicle's Editor-in-Chief Mark Ramotar


[] – The APNU+AFC administration is reportedly seeking to replace Mark Ramotar as the Editor-in-Chief of the State owned Guyana Chronicle Newspaper.

Chronicle's Editor-in-Chief Mark Ramotar
Chronicle’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Ramotar

 INews was reliably informed that, following the change of Government in May 2015, Ramotar offered to tender his resignation. 

INews understands that when the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) lost the May 11 general and regional elections, Ramotar offered his resignation but it was refused by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, under whose office the State Media falls.

Efforts made by iNews to contact Director of Public Information in the Office of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan for a comment on the matter, proved futile. Ramotar, an award-winning Journalism graduate from the Jawaharlall Nehru University in New Delhi, India  has been at the helm of the Chronicle newspapers since January 2008.  Ramotar is known to have close affiliation to the top officials of the previous PPP/Civic administration, including former two-term President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, something that does not bode well with the new Government.





    If Mr. Nagaamootoo is very SERIOUS about making the PUBLIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM a entity that the masses can have OPEN access – then he must set up a BOARD of Directors – with a very broad section of the population – with more than one third of its members coming from the ordinary citizens of Guyana.

    My prediction is that these entities will be MICRO-MANAGED by Mr. Nagamootoo – with Imran Khan just being a little puppet – running around like a “headless chicken”! What we are seeing in the State-media – is REALLY cosmetic change – NAGAMOOTOO-STYLE ! Don’t forget I worked with him as a fellow Journalist at the Mirror newspaper in the mid-70s.

    I away other comments – before saying anything further.

  2. Same old Chronicle Pro-Govt PROPAGANDA.
    It doesn’t matter who is in Govt, PPP or PNC,Chronicle will always be a Pro-Govt Propaganda Mouthpiece


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