Agriculture Minister back on the job

Noel Holder. [iNews' Photo]


Noel Holder[] – Agriculture Minister Noel Holder has been released from the Caribbean Heart Institute and is back to work at the Agriculture Ministry.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release, the Minister was discharged from the Caribbean Heart Institute, where he had undergone tests and was monitored for a heart rhythm disorder.

iNews understands that Holder complained of some chest pains on Sunday and was rushed to the St Joseph Mercy Hospital and was later transferred to the heart institute.





    I have nothing personal against Mr. Holder. He is a friend, but this is BUSINESS ! Agriculture is my life blood – like hundred of thousands of people of this country. No one should play with our business and hope to get away with it. Rice has been a POLITICAL game for political parties – it MUST BE DE-POLITICISED. The masters must be the farmers !

    The Minister – with much respect – is not fit for this job and his life will be made a misery – as the hours and days go-bye. He has admitted to me that he knows nothing about the rice industry and the sugar industry – why is there- then ? Let the AFC answer !!

    Agriculture is the MAINSTAY of the economy of our country and anyone who is Minister – MUST BE A PEOPLE’S PERSON – Mr. Holder is not such a person. Mr. Holder has many things against him – very little going for him. Whatever, anyone may say about PPP Ministers – except Leslie Ramsammy – nearly all of them knew how to talk to the FARMERS and their representatives. . NOEL HOLDER DOES NOT KNOW AND WILL NEVER LEARN !!

    But dont blame – MR. HOLDER ! The people to BLAME are KHEMRAJ RAMJATTAN, NIGEL HUGHES AND MOSES NAGAMOOTOO. We cannot allow our government to fall – due INCOMPETENCE and ARROGRANCE !

    It is the first people’s government in the history of Guyana. We must get rid of SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLE ! No to any JAGDEO come- back !!

  2. This minister should be fire. He told the rice farmers that he is not interesting of looking for market for rice and he don’t care if farmers get pay for they rice. Don’t think we need a minister like this one.

  3. Good news. I’m heartened. (No pun intended) Wishing the Hon. Noel Holder, Minister of Agriculture, improved and continuing good health.

  4. Wah happen Mr minister? Only four months into the job and you get palpitations? Too much pressures? Ensure you get well before going back to wuk


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