Essequibo could become yachting hub – Tourism Minister


By Jomo Paul

Yacth[] – Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes says that Essequibo has the potential to be developed as a yachting hub, which will attract yachters from the Caribbean and beyond.

Hughes made the disclosure while addressing a post cabinet press briefing where she underscored the importance for the development of Guyana’s Tourism industry.

According to Hughes, the yachting industry could be one of the many niche markets for Guyana to explore in terms of tourism. She explained that already she has been approached by two individuals who are looking to construct a marina on the Essequibo coast.

The Minister is scheduled to travel to Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday August 16, where she will address a gathering of yachters inclusive of those interested in developing the Marina.

Minister of Tourism, Cathy Hughes.
Minister of Tourism, Cathy Hughes.

“On Sunday I would be doing a trek to Trinidad… I am going to be doing a presentation to the yachting community in Trinidad and as you may know in the next three weeks we are going to have another flotilla of yachts,” said Hughes.

She said that the opportunity to meet with people from that industry that are resident in French Guiana, Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean is being seen as very important given the marketability of Guyana.

“When it comes to yachting we have a tremendous advantage that we haven’t explored…The reality is that given the challenges of climate change, even the locations in Trinidad are finding that it they are dealing with extreme weather conditions,” she stated.

Given this, she explained that Guyana has the potential to be a safe haven for individuals that have yachts and are looking to park them in safe destination.



  1. Development of guyana`s tourism industry?why not try curbing crime before asking tourist to come visit?who would risk their lives to come to guyana with what is going on ?go find some work to do and stop flopping crap in the news.

  2. Honorable Minister
    Do you know the cost for a yacht?
    Who would risk their lives coming there?
    This government can’t protect someone walking on the street
    And you asking people to come there with a yacht.

  3. Yachting historically, have been the club for the Aristocratic classes, the Rich, and Wealthy.

    This was only natural because it is a very expensive sport to maintain and participate in.

    Do we want to introduce this EXCLUSIVE club, hinged upon an historical bias and preference for the Rich and Wealthy classes?


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