25-Y-O man dies in mining accident

[Photo taken from News Source]

[Photo taken from News Source]
[Photo taken from News Source]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Police are investigating the death of Orlando Archer, who died on Thursday, June 18 following a mining accident at Jumbie Creek, Pataro.

According to a police report, a mining pit caved in at approximately 11:20 hrs, trapping the young man. Archer, of Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, was pulled from underneath the rubble but was pronounced dead on arrival at the Mahdia Hospital.

On May 17, another mining pit cave in claimed the lives of ten miners and left others injured in Mowasi Backdam, Potaro.



  1. There is a need for portable medical facilities vehicle or building stationed and available in close proximity to these mining sights such as a portable ambulance with two individuals qualified to perform CPA, oxygen tanks, with individuals trained to perform emergency medical services(Emergency medical service workers) or nurses These are ways to create jobs for unemployed individuals. We cannot have businesses extracting our gold, etc and not improving on the safety of the workers or even if the individuals are self employed.

    Where is Ms Brooms? She can assist by visiting these sites and improving the safety conditions for the mining workers. In fact there needs to be a medical facility paid for by these mining companies. Billions of dollars in gold, etc. are extracted from Guyana’s soil by foreign companies by workers who risk their lives under these devastating conditions. Please do something about this. What about lung and skin infections and diseases that these young men may suffer. Are they receiving health benefits from these companies? Something must be done to protect these workers. The mining pit caves should be looked at more closely to determine how they can become safer for the workers. Workers should be strapped with portable oxygen tanks in the event there is an emergency cave in. This should be all funded by the mining companies.


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