15-Y-O female in police lockups for 2 weeks; mother begs Gov’t intervention


Jail-Bars-and-Cuffs[www.inewsguyana.com] – The family of a 15 – year – old girl are calling on the relevant authorities to look into their situation with some urgency after the teenager has been locked up at the Whim Police Station, Corentyne Berbice for almost two weeks now.

The young lady is in custody as a result of a physical altercation she had with another girl. According to reports, the teenager of Rose Hall Town, was attempting to defend her pregnant sister, who came under attack, when the altercation took place.

She was later charged and placed before the Albion Magistrate’s court, where she was remanded to the New Opportunity Corps in Dennis Street, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, but she is yet to be transported to the facility.

Meanwhile, the decision to remand the teen is not sitting well with her mother, Bridgette Moore, who told iNews that her daughter has not been eating due to the conditions she has been forced to inhabit at the Whim Police Station.

According to the distraught mother, the teen has been crying uncontrollably. The mother remains shocked at the court’s decision, stating that her teenage daughter is being treated worse than a criminal for her first offence.

The woman explained that during her daughter’s court appearance, the Probation Officer, Maize Shepherd recommended that the 15 – year – old be sent to the rehabilitation center in Sophia but Moore has refused to hand over the child’s birth certificate, stating that is not going to give the State custody of her minor female child.

“I feel hurt about this; me daughter ain’t eating nothing, everything we send, she sending it back…I make my children and regardless of what my belly does burn for them,” the woman told iNews.

Moore is a mother of nine children and works in the City, but would usually travel home on the weekends. According to the woman, she was forced to seek a job in Georgetown in order to provide for her children.

The mother remains reluctant to give her daughter to the State and is instead begging for government’s intervention to get her child out of jail.

“I am scared for my daughter, I don’t want nobody take them from me, regardless of how I punish, I trying with my children them and won’t let nobody tek them from me.”

Contact was made with several departments at the Ministry of Social Protection last week, to no avail. Several senior officials there are aware of the incident but no action has been taken thus far.

The mother is now questioning the true role of the State, since she believes they are acting “heartlessly.” It should be noted that it is illegal for the police to hold a person for more than 72 hours in a police lockup, unless an order is granted by the court for an extension.



  1. Mum needs to contact Marc Anthony Benschop immediately for help. He is the Al Sharpton for Guyanese.

  2. I can certainly understand this mother’s situation and the Ministry needs to look into this ASAP someone is abusing their authority somewhere.Just for fighting she is in lock ups for two weeks now.Ridiculous,she is a minor,in for a minor offense and is there for two weeks.I feel for this mother.

  3. I totally agree with you this child should not be held beyond 72 hours. An order is in place for her to be Transfered to NOC why is she still languishing in the lockup like a common criminal. Someone in the administration particularly from the Social Services Ministry should be actively involved in this child’s case. She was in an altercation one would think she robbed a bank or committed a similar offence.

  4. I have daughters, and this so innocent,at this age , civil socity should , rescure this girl,, not every one can cope with prison, life, the judge should exercise mercy, for this child,, I can imagine how this child feel the goverment should look into this, girl, affairs, as a father, I am appallaud, at our country, laws

  5. There must be a better way to handle this situation. Are the authorities breaching this girl’s charter rights? Drug dealers are probably treated better, if this story is true. Why is it so difficult for INews to make contact with staff at the Min. of Social Protection? I thought this govt. was different. It sucks to live in a cowboy country, especially for poor people!!! No money=no power=no rights.


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