WPA’s Head Office attacked by thieves

The broken window through which the thieves gained entry
The broken window through which the thieves gained entry

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Members of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) got the shock of their lives when it was discovered that the Party’s Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown Office was broken into and several items missing.

The perpetrators gained access by breaking a window to the front of the building. The act was carried out sometime yesterday, Wednesday June 25.

WPA’s Admin Assistant Alleyne Allen told iNews that yesterday morning while on her way to work; WPA Manager Desmond Trotman called and informed her about the incident. She said that he told her that someone had broken in to the office which is a rented building.

Allen said that she then rushed down to the Office to see what had happened. On her arrival, herself and Trotman along with other staff carried out a check when it was discover that computers, monitors, printers, speakers and back-up batteries among other items were missing.

They then contacted the Alberttown Police Station and told them about the incident, a few minutes after ranks from the Brickdam Police Station arrived and dusted for finger prints but was unsuccessful in securing a match.

The ranks reportedly patrolled the entire Alberttown/Queenstown Community to see if they saw anyone suspicious but were unsuccessful. 



  1. That may be true Moses, but how secure was that building? In this day and age, why wasn’t there bars on the windows, particularly since the Office appears to be in the lower part of the building?

  2. oh oh
    lets do some finger pointing.
    computers were taken
    someone seems to be looking for information.
    They could be looking for names and addresses.
    This is very dangerous.
    Just In any case, keep an eye out for new and damaging information surfacing and its source.


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