Worker seriously injured during illegal running of cables; result in major power outage


By Fareeza Haniff

CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal
CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal

[]A technician attached to Atlantic Cable Network (A.C.N.) is now seriously injured after he was allegedly running illegal fiber optic cables below GPL lines in Parade and Cowan Streets, Kingston, causing major power outages in Georgetown on Friday evening (February 7).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Company Bharat Dindyal told iNews that the network company was installing illegal fiber optic cables in the area, when one of the cables became loose and made contact with the GPL lines, causing a huge explosion.

It was during this explosion that the worker was badly burnt. Dindyal confirmed that A.C.N. was running the cables without permission.

According to the CEO, this resulted in the major power outage experienced on Friday evening, as it has damaged circuits emanating from the Kingston Power Plant. Repairs are currently ongoing.




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