Woman granted bail for assaulting police who tried to arrest her

Stacy Fung
Stacy Fung
Stacy Fung

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Stacy Fung was today placed on $40,000 bail after pleading not guilty to assault, damage to property and assault with intent to prevent arrest charges.

The 23-year-old unrepresented Vendor made her appearance before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and denied the charges; one which alleged that on Friday, November 28 at Water Street, Georgetown she unlawfully assaulted Police Constable James.

Another charge alleged that on the same day at Water Street, Georgetown she assaulted Constable James with intent to prevent her from being lawfully apprehended.

In addition to that, she is also accused of damaging a shirt; one metal badge and a name tag together valued $12,500. The woman was also accused of damaging a white sleeve valued $15,000.

Police Prosecutor Michael Grant opposed bail on the grounds of the nature, gravity and prevalence of the offence. He further noted that if bail is granted, the possibility exists that the accused may not return for her trial.

The Court heard that Fung has not been attending Court and an arrest warrant was issued for her. According to the allegations, on the day in question, after the Officer made contact with her, Fung refused to be arrested and armed herself with a hammer before attacking the Officer.

The unrepresented woman denied these allegations.

The prosecutor’s objection to bail was overruled and the matter was transferred before Magistrate Chandan-Edmond for December 08.

Fung was also bonded to keep the peace pending the outcome of the matter.




  1. Ms Fung, at your tender age when you should be thinking of family, cooperation and wellness. Your alleged confrontation is paving the way to the ‘big house’ of a bleak future.


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