Vlissengen Road Popeyes robbed again; man shot

Popeye's Vlissengen Road Branch
Popeye's Vlissengen Road Branch
Popeye’s Vlissengen Road Branch

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Gunmen on Wednesday evening invaded the Vlissengen Road Branh of fast food restaurant Popeyes in another of a series of robberies at the establishment since it opened years ago.

According to a police report, at about 20:35 hrs on Wednesday August 26, two men armed with firearms held up two female cashiers at the Popeye’s Restaurant and took away a total of $212,000.

Police say that during their escape, the perpetrators damaged a glass door to the building and discharged shots. One of the bullets struck 27-year-old Ian Jupiter of Campbellville Housing Scheme to his right foot.

The men escaped on motor cycles ridden by two accomplices.

In January of this year, gunmen had pounced on the establishment but their efforts were thwarted after a police officer managed to shoot one of the would be bandits.

The establiment was also robbed in September 2014 and June 2012.



  1. Gt just getting worst. I’m thinking of giving up my place there.Just seems as innocent bystanders can be harmed at any giving moment

  2. Observer!
    The New PNC Regime complained about crime during the PPP Govt’s time in office and promised to clean up crime in the GT.
    I guess this is their measure of success..

  3. This establishment has been robbed so many times in the past years. Why don’t they have property security? This is the first robbery there since the change of government – ALL of the previous robberies were carried out during the time of the PPP government.


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