Venezuelan Soldier further remanded on gun related charges

Venezuelan Soldier Johnny Ventura Gomez Revas
Venezuelan Soldier Johnny Ventura Gomez Revas
Venezuelan Soldier Johnny Ventura Gomez Revas

[] – Venezuelan Soldier Johnny Ventura Gomez Revas was further remanded today by Magistrate Ann McLennan on unlawful possession of firearm, ammunition and discharging a loaded firearm.

The charge against the foreigner alleged that on December 5, at Eteringbang Landing, Cuyuni he discharged a loaded firearm at Johangalo Joveira with intent to maim, disfigure, disable or cause grievous bodily harm.

It is also alleged that on the same day he had in possession one Taurus .9mm pistol, when he was not a licensed firearm holder.

In addition to that, he was charged with having in his possession 9 live matching rounds of 9mm ammunition.

On his first appearance, Attorney Mark Conway during a fail application told the Court that his client is a Sergeant for the past seven years with an unblemished record.

Police Prosecutor Dinero Jones on that day opposed bail on the grounds that no special reason was given by the defence and the penalty these charges attract.

On that day, the Consulate Officer for the Venezuelan Embassy Heriderto Villegal and Head of the Venezuela Military at the Eteringbang Landing Ricardo Riera were presented in the Court.

The Prosecution’s objection was upheld for all clarification to be cleared up regarding the case.

Today, Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the Court that the charges will be proceeding against the defendant.

However,  Attorney Ganesh Heera made a bail application which was denied. He explained that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was under the impression that the defendant shot at a Guyanese.

Prosecutor Grant added that the solider was on Eteringbang Landing when the firearm and ammunition was found. He further stated that no instructions about the diplomatic relation will be resolve from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The matter was given a second adjournment date for December 15 for fixtures and statements.



  1. seeing this is an action during peace-time on the country border, and it is a known fact that the Venezuela soldiers usually supports the our drinking bars, would it have not been better for the case be transfer to their Embassy based here and refer to its military for further action. it strange how our Police Force got involved knowing that area is military jurisdiction and this is an active soldier from the neighboring country.


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