Venezuelan Congress Speaker says Guyana gov’t is “out of its mind; it wants war”


diosdado_cabello[] – On Tuesday, during the swearing-in ceremony of the candidates for Congress for the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Monagas State, Congress Speaker Diosdado Cabello referred to the recent statements made by US ambassador to Guyana, who voiced his support for Guyanese President David Granger in the issue of the territorial dispute with Venezuela over the Essequibo territory.

“That is very serious,” Cabello commented.

according to media reports out of Caracas, Cabello said the government of President David Granger is “out of its mind,” because, in his view, Guyana “wants a war” with Venezuela over the Essequibo. “We are not going to war; we will not do that. We want peace,” Cabello stressed.
“Everything there is west the Essequibo River is Venezuelan (territory). There is no doubt about it,” he was quoted in El Universal as saying. 

On Monday, newly accredited U.S Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway had said both Guyana and Venezuela should push for a “peaceful resolution, continued dialogue and respect for international law” in relation to the border controversy.Asked whether US intervention was likely if the aggression from Venezuela continues given that a US company –ExxonMobil – is operating in the area of controversy, Holloway said that the US has one stance on the issue irrespective of the nationality of company.

“Whether it was a US company or a Chinese company I don’t think it would have changed our stance,” he stated.

He said that the world is impressed with the manner in which President David Granger has handled the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.



  1. Venezuela fails to acknowledge that they have been tormenting Guyana with their armed military at the border which is a clear indication that they are bare-faced. Mr. Granger has indeed been very respectful and articulate during the ordeal with Venezuela who does not respect the law and if they have to go down then so be it.

  2. There is that saying that “Those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make MADuro”, or something like that.


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