BREAKING NEWS: Man allegedly shoots reputed wife; turns gun on himself


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Twenty five – year – old Mark Moses early this morning allegedly shot his reputed wife Amanda Mohan three times before turning the weapon on himself.

The incident reportedly stemmed from the woman having a another man under her bed.

According to reports, Moses paid the woman an unannounced visit, at her Pike Street, Kitty home, after he travelled from working in the interior to see her and his child. From all indications, the man and the woman were having relationship issues for some time.

The man was reluctant to walk away from the relationship and stayed with the 20 year old woman for the child’s sake. iNews understands that in March of this year the woman stabbed Mark during an argument; resulting in him being hospitalised.

Doctors are battling to save the life of the young man even as the young lady has been pronounced dead. iNews will provide more details shortly. Police say an unlicensed 9mm. pistol with three (3) spent shells has been recovered.



  1. looknah um just a quick question , where did those guns came from?, i can tell you that about two of those guns out of the 148 came from Georgetown all the rest came from the borders. yup the amazing ministers of home affairs or what ever his new ministry is called went till to our borders and ordered the residents to turn their guns in or face stiff law lol.

  2. you are an idiot to say the amnesty is a failure and you better take my advise and go enroll somewhere where there is adult education or vocational training and tell them that i sent you to do maths.

    one illegal handgun was not turned in and it took two lives so, the government amnesty saw 148 firearms turned in up to the ending of last week at precincts across the country and according to my calculation 148 x 2 = 296 lives and possible many many more saved. that is extremely high success rate by any standards…and stop calling yourself moore anf start using your real name.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Man allegedly shoots reputed wife; turns gun on himself
    He should have killed himself. He never thought the other man she wanted is better than him so this is why she wanted the other man.
    She was with a killer and no know it..
    He stayed with the woman because of child my foot.


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