President Granger vows to make National Awards an annual feature


By Jomo Paul

[MOTP Photo]
[MOTP Photo]
[] – President David Granger says that the National Awards Ceremony will be a yearly feature to honor those citizens who have worked diligently.

This is after the investiture ceremony was hosted in Georgetown following a four year hiatus and saw several medals from different fields being given to several persons.

The National Awards established 45 years ago, when Guyana became a Republic and are considered to be a symbol of Guyana’s nationhood.

According to President Granger, the National Awards must not be disparaged, disregarded or belittled.

“These awards must not be conferred capriciously or irregularly…we vow to come here to this national centre every year to pay respect to those to whom respect is due. We are the trustees of the traditions, which sustain society. That is the culture of good government. That is the culture of a good society. That is the culture of a good life,” the President stated.

Mr Granger went on to indicate that National Awards cannot calculate the value of any of the contributions made by the awardees to the building of Guyana as a nation.

“They cannot measure the magnitude of the selflessness or your service for which you have been recognised. They are a reflection of the respect and reverence of a grateful nation. We know that you have toiled in obscurity, sometimes with great exertion and at personal expense, usually without reward and, in most cases, over a long period of time,” said Mr Granger.

The President told the awardees that “Guyana commends you for the outstanding service that you have rendered and which has been recognised. Your commitment to the public good deserves requital. Your dedication to the improvement of your professional calling, your community and your country is appreciated and has been acknowledged.”

See full list of awardees below:


  1. Hamilton GREEN
  2. Sister Mary Noel MENEZES, AA
  3. Brynmor Thorton Inniss POLLARD,CCH


  1. Edith Myrtle BYNOE
  2. Oscar CLARKE
  3. Yvonne Veronica HAREWOOD-BENN
  4. Clifton Mortimer Llewellyn JOHN
  5. Apostle Winston Franklin Mc GOWAN, AA
  6. Eshwar Vevakanand PERSAUD, AA
  7. Supriya SINGH-BODDEN
  8. Donald Ashley Bevil TROTMAN
  9. Apostle Elsworth Quintel WILLIAMS


  1. Edgar Wrensford ADAMS
  2. Ivor ALLEN
  3. Jeanne Sharon Amelia ATKINSON
  4. Basil Brentnol BLACKMAN
  5. Paulette Euranie BYNOE
  6. Mitzy Gaynor CAMPBELL
  7. Malcolm Gregory CHAN-A-SUE, MS
  8. Ivor Winston CRANDON
  9. Doreen Patricia DUNCAN
  10. Fazil Shahibdeen Ibrahim HAKH
  11. Maurice Berthwinsdel HENRY
  12. Sherlock Ewart ISAACS
  13. Leila JAGDEO
  14. Jean Benedicta Imelda La ROSE
  15. Dr. Paloma Ramona Francis MOHAMED
  16. Prince Albert POMPEY
  17. Evan Brewster Bridgewater SEMPLE
  18. Gwendolin Agatha TROSS
  19. Maurice Wilfred VEECOCK


  1. Anna Catherina Islamic Complex


  1. Olga BONE
  2. Wordsworth McANDREW


  1. Mabel BAVEGHEMS
  2. Gordon Alphonso CHASE
  3. Roylance Patricia DAVID
  5. Noshella LALCKECHARAN
  6. Godfrey Emerson MARSHALL
  7. Sheik Shakur NIAMATALI
  8. Dionysia NIEWENKERK
  9. Amrita THOMAS
  10. Burnell Lancelot THOMAS


  1. Brigadier Mark Anthony PHILLIPS


  1. Colonel (rtd.) Wilbert Arlington LEE
  2. Lieutenant Colonel (rtd.) Walter Leyland Francis MORRIS


  1. Carol Audrey LEWIS-PRIMO
  2. David Kenneth RAMNARINE
  3. Carl Vonludwig GRAHAME
  4. Welton Cuthbert TROTZ
  5. Desiree Floretta D’SANTOS-MOORE
  6. Peter WILSON




  1. Is this reality???ls granger thinking straight????.
    This makes no sense at all.Reward for no accomplishment is an insult to all Guyanese.No regard or respect for our people.

  2. That in just annda opportunity fuh OLE TIME PNC HACKS get recognized… Granger more smart than dat… but he head in tiga mounth… he doin de bidding of the lang time extremist hacks…de soulga man in deep shit….first he tie up he self with 2 loose rice name Nagaman and Rumjhaat…he had he own baggage of the so called “Ballot Box Martyrs”, he was runnin de army when dem been executing the riggin strategy fuh de PNC. Pun tap ah dat, army kick down de door happen under he watch too….den he attempt fuh re write Guyana history. well in a way alter it…suh now he gat fuh reward clowns like Green… bet anybody Crum Ewing gun get he own next year posthumously….who knows maybe the bandit Blackie… why not he… Hoyte facilitated a semi state funeral fuh Blackie wid Guyana flag… dat was the beginning of de escalation of annda round of political crime terror in Guyana dat drove away fair minded decent Guyanese and businessmen… we neva recovered… we full of commerce… Hoyte might get annda national ward….maybe next is Bruk Up Limpie old PNC hack and thug dat used to beat and bruk up then Opposition public meetings…. maybe we can add de PNC activist who publicly “pissed” on a PPP flag… ah true heroine !!!

  3. Why in the world would Hamilton Green be heading this list????This confirms that Granger has no regards for the majority. For those who jump ship thinking that Granger was no Burnham as he had professed in New York think again.

  4. Granger is out of his MIND! What is Hamilton Green getting an award for? Killing of walter roodney or his first wife which he poison on her birthday and cremated her before 6PM? 1/2 of these crooks on the list should be in Jail…..they talk about jagdeo stealing money! These are blunt murderers receiving awards! What a shame….All over the world they have the HALL OF FAME awards, Granger just introduce the HALL OF SHAME awards for these clowns.

  5. How could the President say that he will make it “an annual feature”, without adding the word “Again”? National Awards used to be an Annual Feature from Independence up to 1994.


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