Vendor accused of assaulting, abusing Journalist

Kim Walker
Kim Walker
Kim Walker

[] – Kim Walker, a clothes vendor of the Bourda Market was on Wednesday afternoon (April 01) arrested after she physically and verbally abused Senior Crime and Security Journalist, Leroy Smith and also spat on him in full view of other vendors at the Bourda Market.

Walker was at time attempting to engage Smith as he conducted an interview with another vendor at the market in relation to the multi-million dollar heist in front of the Bourda Post Office on Regent Street.

iNews understands that the woman, who was continuously ignored by the journalist, became upset and hurdled several obscene language towards Smith.

The journalist told iNews that he informed the vendor that her attitude is unbecoming as an adult after which she became even more enraged and hit him with a stick.

The matter was reported to the Alberttown Police Station and the woman was arrested. The vendor is also alleging that Smith used abusive language towards her.

The two are to visit the Alberttown Police Station on Thursday morning where more statements after expected to be taken from several other persons who claimed to be witnesses in the mater.



  1. Get rid of Green all the street vendors in GT its time to get back GT as the garden city.
    The public need to stop supporting them.

    They are the reaso n garbage all over and traffic lawlessness.

  2. these are the so called vendors who cover for criminals..people know ho they operate at the markets..they dont like media they dont like police..they want to be left alone to do their thing.

  3. Did someone standing in a pulpit made statements which implied that all women are angels..!!??


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