Update: Toddler shot five times, mother hospitalized; father executed


By Leroy Smith

crime[www.inewsguyana.com] – Twenty – six – year old Travis Rudder was killed early Sunday morning after a gunman elevated himself to the level of a window at his home and sprayed his bedroom with bullets using a 9mm pistol.

Rudder, a miner, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital with eighteen gunshot wounds to the body while his reputed wife, 31 – year old – Mawanza Gill of 149 Regent Road Bourda was shot seven times to her leg and their 18 month old baby, Travis Rudder Junior. five times about the body.

The incident occurred at Nandy Park at approximately 1:40 hrs when a gunman or gunmen attempted to gain entry to the home in what investigators believe was to get to the senior Rudder.

The shooter elevated himself on a make shift walker so that he could reach the level of the bedroom window to the western section of the house. Once there, the shooter opened fire through the window while the three were on a bed sleeping.

The senior Rudder was once charged with murder of a woman from Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara but managed to walk a free man.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter and according to information reaching iNews, the ranks were able to recover 24 spent shells from the scene. Both Gill and the toddler are in a critical condition at a city hospital.




  1. It is heart breaking to see what has become of our country in terms of crime. In all fairness no government can totally eliminate crime from its shores but someone dropped the ball here. The frequency and boldness of criminal activities noticeably increased under the previous administration. Of course it is a well known fact that at the least well known members of that administration got in bed with and cuddled up with criminals who carried out their sick and murderous activities with impunity. It was as if no one was watching the store. These predictors got this message and boldly stepped up their nefarious activities. The new administration must produce a sustained and comprehensive response to stem this tide of brutality and lawlessness. Not an easy task but vitally necessary in terms of the safety of citizens and economic investment in the country.

  2. Deal went wrong or not you don’t shoot an 18 month old, however we can continue to interrogate members of the Police killing squad while robberies and killings continue.


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