UPDATE: Taxi driver stabbed to death by 15-year-old

KILLED: Deonarine Laljit

– in Berbice

A taxi driver was on Wednesday afternoon stabbed to death by a 15-year-old passenger on Line Path Public Road in Skeldon, Corentyne, during an alleged misunderstanding.
Thirty-seven-year-old Deonarine Laljit of Lot 223 Back Street Hong Kong, Number 72 Village, Corentyne, was stabbed once to his neck and face and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Skeldon Hospital.

KILLED: Deonarine Laljit

Based on reports received, the victim, who was the brother of a senior Police rank in B Division (Berbice), collected the 15-year-old at No 59 Village and was heading to Line Path when an argument ensued between them.
During the argument, the teen reportedly whipped out a knife and stabbed the driver twice and as the car came to a halt, he made good his escape. The injured driver exited his vehicle and walked a few feet before collapsing.
Public-spirited citizens immediately alerted the Police who arrived at the scene some time after and began their investigations. The man’s body was subsequently taken to the hospital where doctors on duty confirmed his demise.
Acting on information, Police ranks went to an abandoned house at Line Path where the teenage suspect was arrested. He was also found to be in possession of the murder weapon. INews was told that after Laljit was stabbed, he was relieved of the cash he was carrying and other valuables.








The teenager is being further grilled by detectives. When this publication made contact with the dead man’s relatives, his mother-in-law, Mala, explained that they were at home when they received a telephone call informing them that her son-in-law was shot and injured.
She noted that without hesitation, the family members rushed to the scene only to find the body of the man covered with a white sheet in a pool of blood. She noted that the Police were at the time conducting their investigations after which his body was taken to the hospital.

The slain taxi driver

The woman explained that the now dead man worked as a cane cutter to provide for his family, but after some time, he started to work his car as a taxi to make ends meet. The aggrieved mother-in-law further stated that based on reports gathered, Laljit was stabbed and robbed of his valuables by the teenager who was later arrested.
She noted that the now dead man was a kind-hearted individual and would give people a free ride when they did not have money to pay the fare. Laljit was also described as a caring and loving father.
He leaves to mourn his wife, two children and three brothers among other relatives. The Police are continuing their investigations into the stabbing incident.



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