Update: Sobbing husband questions motive for wife’s murder

Murdered: Donna Taylor.

Bertrum Taylor
Grieving husband, Bertrum Taylor. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Bertrum  Taylor, the husband of 55 – year – old Donna Taylor who was found dead on Friday night (January 31) with her throat slit and her hands bound aback her lot 1617 Public Road, Agricola home is questioning the motive for his wife murder.

The man is anticipating the recovery of her overseas based friend Samantha Sabat, who was injured and rendered unconscious in what seemed to be a robbery gone wrong. He believes her recovery will bring clarity and closure to what transpired.

The man, who showed iNews a ransacked room and claimed that several items including gadgets and money were missing has speculated that his wife could have been the intended target.

Another relative said there was little blood in the area aback the house where the dead woman was found and speculated that she might have been murdered in the house and dragged to the back yard where her throat was then slit. There were no signs of blood in the house, apart from a few patches.

The spot where the dead woman was found
The spot where the dead woman was found. [iNews’ Photo]
Taylor, who has been married to the deceased for over 30 years explained that his daughter received a call around 11:00hrs from an elderly woman who lives downstairs claiming that she heard screams and scuffling coming from the upper flat where they (Donna and Bertrum) resided.

The daughter then reportedly phoned her father who left his job where he was guarding, to go home only to reach Sabat lying on the ground almost unconscious and bleeding from the head. He said she moaned a few words to him but it was unclear.

She was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she still remains a patient. When iNews called the home of Sabat, relatives claimed she has not indicated what transpired. Meanwhile, there has been no official word from police on the progress of investigations.

However, a police source told this online news service that the friend suffered head injuries and a broken arm.

The ransacked room
The ransacked room. [iNews’ Photo]
Her husband claimed that thieves had invaded their premises before and stole two CG motorcycles but questioned if it was an intended robbery what then led to the murder of his wife.

“She must have fought,” one relative could be heard remarking.

The woman leaves to mourn four children.




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