Update: Friends tried to take away keys from drunken Customs Broker

Now Dead: Adrian Hoosain


The driver of this car died after he slammed into a lamp post. [iNews Citizen Reporter's Photo]
The driver of this car died after he slammed into a lamp post. [iNews Citizen Reporter’s Photo]
By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – While relatives are prayerful for closure in relation to the death of 20 – year – old Customs Broker Adrian Hoosain, friends of the now dead man are reporting that he was last seen just after mid-night on Sunday, March 16 in an extremely drunken state.

When iNews (www.inewsguyana.com)  visited the man’s Meadow Brook Gardens home this morning, relatives could give little information in relation to what transpired. However, a group of the young man’s friend could be heard recalling trying to take away his keys to the vehicle after they realized he was probably too drunk to drive.

The consequences of failing in their action are now too hard for Hoosain’s parents and two siblings to bear.

Hoosain’s car reportedly slammed into a Lamp Pole in the vicinity of Industrial Site, East Bank Demerara, just off of Mandela Avenue around 04:30hrs.

His car, PEE 2564 was completely damaged as a result of the impact and was at his home at the time of iNews’ visit.

Now Dead: Adrian Hoosain
Now Dead: Adrian Hoosain


According to the dead man’s father, Hoosain left earlier in the night to drop home his girlfriend at Dem Amstel, West Coast Demerara.  

He speculated that the young man may have returned to the city and was liming with friends. However, where he was headed at the time of the accident is still unknown.

The father recalled receiving a call from the GPHC just after 04:00hrs instructing relatives to come down to the Accident and Emergency Department, “when we rush down to see him, there he was stretch off.”

Relatives and friends gathered at Hoosain's home. [iNews' Photo]
Relatives and friends gathered at Hoosain’s home. [iNews’ Photo]

He said reports reaching the family are that the Fire Service was summoned and had to cut the mangled car to remove the body. The dead man’s mother was too inconsolable to offer any comments.

Hoosain would have been 21 – years – old on the 28 of this month.

Residents recalled a very quiet and jovial Hoosain. A police investigation has been launched.



  1. friends don’t let friends drive drunk, so it is useless to now come-out in the open and tell the parents that you tried to take away the keys to the vehicle.

    i my world if a friend cannot take possession of the keys, the next best thing they would do is; get a family member involved or call the police.

    just this past friday night a group of irish friends of mine wanted to go to the bar to kick start their st patrick’s day weekend celebrations and we nearly all ended-up staying home, because we couldn’t get a designated driver. luckily after begging and pleading the wife of one of the guys agreed to come along and be our driver for the evening.

    guyana is lawless and everyone is a power and force onto him/herself which leads to recklessness and irresponsible behavior, resulting in tragedy like this!

    all i can do is offer my condolences to the family and loved ones and a prayer to the just departed.




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