Update: Diamond woman shot in leg, robbed of $200,000


Crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – Sharon Baldeo of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara is nursing a gunshot wound to her left leg following a robbery in a minibus on Thursday, July 02.

The Guyana Police Force confirmed that the woman was in the bus when it stopped at Eccles, East Bank Demerara to allow a male passenger to exit. As the man passed Baldeo, he grabbed her handbag.

A struggle ensued during which the man pulled out a firearm and shot Baldeo to her left leg and escaped with the bag that contained a cell phone and $200,000.

The police responded and subsequently arrested the suspect in Agricola. He has been positively identified and is in police custody. Charges will be made shortly.

iNews had earlier reported that the woman’s daughter was also in the minibus when the robbery occurred.



  1. for just a taxi fare she want to save she could have lost her life its happening all the time jump in a bus to save some small change and maybe lose your life to these lill fatherless demons that some of the single parent loosing on us to kill and rob us when the police and john public shoot and kill couple of them another dozen coming up to carry on, somebody should put a bomb in a bag a money and blow them up when the like people money and dont like wuk time will tell.

  2. Rumjattan fired two rogue police officers in the first two weeks. lol. Seems like all the others are good cops. Ibelieve
    fell asleep since. Taking his six months nap. When he wakes up, you better have enough rum for him.

  3. If the new Administration cannot provide security for the people, then they have FAILED as leaders.

  4. Bharat the coalition has a plan and they will smoke out all criminals. But i agree things are getting to be frightening. Too many robberies in couple of weeks. THIS IS TROUBLING..

  5. Some time ago just immediately after the election, I commented on the increasing levels of serious crimes and other forms of criminality since the new government got into office. Some bloggers wanted me dead judging by their responses. For some reason these bloggers seem to have disappeared as I cannot see any comments from them.
    While the new administration is hell bent on ethnic and political cleansing, innocent,hard working people are being robbed, shot and their homes desecrated every day. Mr Ramjattan is at his wits end and has no answer or strategy to stem the crime rate which is now spiralling out of control. They knew what had to be done during the election. They now hold the reigns of power and must immediately, do what they said they would do when they were making those promises now that they ere the executives

  6. Throw the book at this dirty lazy scum. These parasites need to be sent a very strong and clear message. Long hard sentences. This lot and those like him are a menace. They want everything someone else has but too lazy to work for it. Nothing but scum bloodsuckers.

  7. This is what rumy Khemraj should be looking into not closing down bars at 2am. Look at the crime rate since he took office.


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