Update: Businessman gunned down; family criticize police for slow response

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

By Fareeza Haniff

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall
Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The family of well-known businessman, 48 – year – old Ganesh Ramlall, who was gunned down early Sunday morning, is still trying to come to grips with his death and at the same time, decrying the slow response from the Guyana Police Force.

Ramlall, a.k.a Boyo, who owns the Regent Multiplex Mall on Regent Street, was shot some seven times by four armed men who invaded his Lot C La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara home, mere minutes after he had arrived from a ‘wake house’, relatives told iNews.

His brother, Samsundar, known as Sugrim, found the businessman lying in a pool of blood on the floor, just outside his back door. Sugrim told iNews that his brother received a bullet wound to the head, while he was also shot in the abdomen and chest several times.

The area where the body was found. [iNews' Photo]
The area where the body was found. [iNews’ Photo]
He said the gunmen also took away the dead man’s gold band and chain along with his daughter’s school bag from inside the house. Relatives told iNews that the businessman left the ‘wake house’ at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara and brought home some Bar – B – Que.

He opened his back door and ventured out to use the washroom when he was confronted by the armed men. According to Sugrim, who lives nearby, he heard the gunshots but was too scared to look out and had no idea that it was his brother.

The businessman's house where the murder occurred. [iNews' Photo]
The businessman’s house where the murder occurred. [iNews’ Photo]
The businessman’s wife locked herself upstairs when she heard her husband’s screams. Following the gruesome murder, the family found what they described as “straps” lying around the yard, opining that the gunmen may have wanted to tie up the business.

“Dem’ walk with strap fuh tie up this man; we find them all ova the road deh,” the distraught brother told iNews.

He criticized the slow response from police, whom he said turned up at the scene nearly two hours later, when the body was already removed. It should be noted that the Den Amstel Police Station is nearby.

It took iNews approximately five minutes to drive from the Den Amstel Police Station to the businessman’s home, while stopping to ask for directions.

“Over an hour and a half, near two hour, none police nah come hay, none police nah come. When we call the police, the lady nah find paper; we done keer he way at the parlour, then them come and ask weh de body deh,” Sugrim told iNews.

Relatives, friends and neighbours gathered at the house. [iNews' Photo]
Relatives, friends and neighbours gathered at the house. [iNews’ Photo]
The man’s sister, Bibi Sukdeo told this online news service that he has no enemies and she is at a loss as to the motive behind the killing.

“He is honest, loving, kind; he is like a sweetheart to anyone, good in everyway. He has no problems with anybody,” the tearful woman told iNews. The businessman’s wife was at the funeral parlour during the time iNews visited the house, which was already filled with relatives, neighbours and friends of the family, who turned up to sympathize.

He also leaves to mourn his two daughters, aged 16 and 18.




  1. On point Richie. Just saying random hit just don’t add up. For sure it is wrong, sad and must be addressed by the police. For those that just can’t wait to blame the brand new government your slip is showing. Did you stop to ask yourself a question or two.) Did these thugs get their guns under the new government? Answer- No!! Did they get them last week or yesterday? No! These guns were in the wrong hands under the previous administration. They just didn’t just get them. PPP were in power for 23 years how come they did not stamp out this disease but you sour losers expect the new government to do so in a few weeks. Please be for real. The atmosphere of lawlessness just didn’t happen criminals had their examples we know where those were – the newly rich
    and their mansions and multi million dollar homes their high priced SUVs and decadent life styles. These thugs did not just happen. Let’s be fair if that is possible in Guyana where everything is colored by RACE.

  2. Where is the so call president and prime minster they ducking their heads under a poe the PPP had less crime the country going backwards.

  3. What is wrong with you people? ok I can understand the crime has gone up. However I don’t understand why you PPP soupy are throwing SHADE at a government has only been in office since May 11th. There was crime all along for 23 years and none of these criminals were being apprehended, NOW they are being caught. None of you were coming out then way you all are now, we you complaining the black man who got murdered in broad day light for merely criticizing the PPP. You people are very one sided in your thinking, how come all of you saying the new admin. is not doing anything, let’s not forget Roger Khan and Jagdeo and the crimes they concealed condoned. rayan do you know what the word incompetent means?, Jagdeo and Ramotor are the incompetent ones, even if one has a low level job there are give 3 months to proof themselves, O, by the way how good are you at your job ..are you better at your job if so prove if.

  4. just saying, 1 + 1 = 2, you cannot sell Garlic and potatoes and make enough to build a Shopping mall. Hmmmmm, think about that, and while you are thinking, do you smell shrimp?????

  5. To sly & tasha, this government inherited the crime rate from the pppc government after 23 years of 100’s of domestic killings every year, 400+ extra judicial killings with roger khan running around Guyana with a pppc death list killing Afro Guyanese men, this Government is in office for 30 days and you expect instant change, what the truth is that now the bandits and killers are not on the pppc payroll they have to find other avenues to get money

  6. What a shame,while the illegal government is busy sharing away position and creating ministries the people is getting killed by the dozens,this is the change they were speaking of,Ramjattan cant see past his nose but he is responsible for our safety,this government has failed before taking office and Moses and Jattan is fully responsible for what is going on,the greed for power has caused out country to be in a very sad state and this is only the begining.

  7. God bless Guyana! All you people are so ganging up on Jagdeo but you fail to look at what will happen to you next! Since APNU won elections, Guyana crime rate went from 6% to 12% -that is double! Every weekend so many murder and robbery all over again. At least the PPP had these clowns under control. Soon as APNU took office, PNC has rise again. Hamilton Green is back making noises! This crook should be in Jail serving time for Walter Roodney and his first wife assassination. Guyana will not change – Moses and Ramjattan are two complete dunce! Ramjattan is so un-educated, he is thinking to arm fishermen with fire arms -in which case most fishermen are either un-educated or complete drunkards! Can you imagine what these guys will user fire arms to do! Is Guyana turning into comedy? Ramjattan and Moses are both failed politicians from Jagan days. USA supports the movement to change government in Guyana to increase crime rate -so they can suck the oil money out! Create a civil war like they did in the middle east! The USA wanted to loot Venezuela oil from a long long time but they had no support under the PPP to assist them to create a war with Venezuela – now they will use these clowns of the APNU to do so. Last time Guyana went to war with Venezuela under Burnham time, the entire GDF had to dig holes and hide! The USA is fully aware of all Guyana history and will use the PNC to create the same to give them a reason to bomb Venezuela. For Guyana to develop, you need a leader, not a follower….you need strong leadership you can stand on their own and develop the economy….none which seem to be the priority of the APNU! I see zero improvement since they took office, except trying to run after previous administration for money! Jagdeo is too smart to let them take his wealth to full their pockets. The APNU wants to show change – lets start seeing them stop wasting tax payers dollars to run after dead ghost and develop the economy, create jobs and boost the dollar value while securing the people of Guyana

  8. ramjatan ……….you protested rohee all these years, now u have the power you are even more incompetent. all this gov is doing is cleaning and beautifying. instead of curbing the crime rate, ramjatan using the GPF to babysit ppl at clubs. I embraced change …..but I becon in regret that I have supported an incompetent gov as we currently have. im disappointed in moses

  9. This is the mentality of today’s criminal in guyana..”we matte in govt now…so leh we kill out de collie biz people and take deh money ..and we gan sport..drink…and spen out all de money we thief..and when am done…we kill mo collie…

  10. Do you really think that a govt. less than 2 months in power can turn around a crime situation that was in existence for the last 15 years ? If you want to critize the govt. go ahead but please be intelligent about it, cause right now you are sounding stupid.

  11. Could not agree with you more. Time to act to rid this scourge which has raised its ugly head.
    Condolences t the families and the community. It is good to know what prompts this increase in heinous crimes.

  12. Ramjattan suggested that there should be a gun amnesty. Some bloggers on inews supported this suggestion but with incentives for different sort and caliber of guns. It would appear that ”SOME PEOPLE” know in whose hands the guns are and how they got hold of them.
    Granger is now El Presidente and he should use his powers to recall all the AK47’s that went missing from the GDF when he was in charge.That should be a starting point for any amnesty. This situation has spiralled out of control and the administration needs to take proactive action to halt or reduce drastically, the murders, executions and all forms of criminality.
    They used to lay blame on Rohee and used him as the whipping boy for the crime under the previous administration. Crime in the country is by far more serious now than before. No one from from the administration is making any statements. They have all gone quiet while the killings continue. It would appear that the executions are centrally directed; there has to be some mastermind behind all the criminality. FIND HIM!!!!

  13. Since the new govt in power is crime day after day. When PPP was in power, they used to bad talk Rohee, what happen now??? Ramjattan, you were calling Rohee incompetent, so what are you???? Guyanese should ask for your resignation, you are hopeless, you are all ‘talk’ and no action!!!

  14. This was an obvious hit. Wrong and sick as it is one must wonder what Ganesh was involved in. The old folks say if you lay down with dogs you will get up with flees. This get rich quick mentality that is at epidemic proportions in Guyana has a price tag attached to it. Take note participants.

  15. While some Guyanese are worried about the 2am alcohol curfew, crime there is out of hand. I’m a Guyanese/Canadian that wants to move back to Guyana and invest in the country, open a business to help employ people and make the country climb out of poverty. Now I see that this cannot happen in the foreseeable future due to the crime rate. The government needs to take drastic measures to curb this trend or our beautiful country will be lost to lawlessness. Due to the brutally of the crimes, these criminals need to be met on their level and a firm message sent. It’s one thing to be poor and hungry and another to take someone’s life for simple material gain. Guyana needs a strong, committed, fearless and we’ll led citizen protection group that will help the authority and also do the things that the corrupt and badly ran judical system cannot do and take their country back from these criminals. With its abundance of natural resources, a small population, intelligent people and perfect location, Guyana should easily be in the top five of the world’s wealthiest countries per capita

  16. I completely agree with you Maharanee, this looks very much like the killing of business for Hamsons General Store

  17. Anna what’s your point your writing is so rambled and disjoined not getting the essence of what is your intentions

  18. When men go out they carry a gun with them. When people arrive home they need to use the washroom first usually without undressing which is why he still had his jewelry. So now you know.

  19. Why did the family remove the body without waiting for the police to examine the crime scene?

  20. Police took 2 hours to get to a 5mins destination. Plus the body was removed from a crime scene before police arrived. I’m lost, don’t we do crime scene investigation? Don’t they need to gather evidence and take pics or does this only happen in movies?


  22. This seems like an inside job. Who would know he had just arrived home from a funeral? And why would he be opening his door at that hour, armed with a gun, to use an outside bathroom? And why did the police take two hours to show up at a crime scene five minutes away?

    This entire thing look suspicious.


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