Update: Alleged buggered 16 – year – old climbs onto roof lamenting injustice


By Kurt Campbell

Police officers apprehend the teen. [iNews' Photo]
Police officers apprehend the teen. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 16 – year – old young man who was allegedly buggered by three police officers on Thursday (January 30) climbed onto the roof of the Police Consumers Affairs building on Robb Street, Georgetown demanding justice.

Following close to one hour of cries of injustices by the teen and attempts to jump from the three storey building he was finally apprehended by an undercover Police Officer, handcuffed (both hand and feet) and taken away in the back of a police van.

Prior to his apprehension, police and firefighters seemed ill equipped to deal with the situation. However, from among the hundreds of persons who gathered to see the unfolding event, several public spirited citizens pleaded with the youth to come down and seek help, while others shouted loudly encouraging him to jump.

The boy could be heard saying, “I am not lying why I would be lying… I am not a criminal why they want me, they damaged me.”

The 16 - year - old was arrested after his protest. [iNews' Photo]
The 16 – year – old was arrested after his protest. [iNews’ Photo]
He claimed he was locked up by police for an entire day without any explanation. The 16 – year – old is alleging that on Sunday, January 26, three police ranks took him into the Police Mobile Outpost at the Stabroek Market area, where they performed the sexual act.

The Public Relations Office of the Guyana Police Force confirmed that they received the report on Tuesday, January 28. The three police officers are currently under close arrest, following reports.

Meanwhile, According to Chief Probation and Social Services Officer Forbes Monroe, the teen was recently released from the New Opportunity Corps. He could not say why he was detained there in the first place.

He did confirm however that the matter will be investigated thoroughly and the teen will be taken to seek medical attention.

The Teen being taken off the roof. [iNews' Photo]
The Teen being taken off the roof. [iNews’ Photo]
This new allegation fall on the heels of another sodomy allegation against ranks of the Timheri Police Station, in particular Constable Devin Mahendra Singh, who was accused of raping 23 – year – old detainee, Colwyn Harding by pushing a condom covered baton into his anus.



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