Update: 18-Y-O detainee killed after shooting cop to head


By Leroy Smith

Injured Cop: Victor Fausette
Injured Cop: Victor Fausette

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police Constable Victor Fausette is fighting for his life at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was shot to the head, just above the left ear by a mentally unstable man who was being held at the Wisroc Police Outpost.

iNews understands that the suspect, Regan Richards, 18 years, of One Mile Extension, was seen wielding a cutlass in the area threatening residents, who sought the assistance of the police.

Richards was arrested and taken to the Wisroc Police Outpost where he managed to disarm the police constable of his .38 police service revolver and shot him to the head at approximately 18:05 hrs on Sunday, June 07.

According to information received, Richards walked calmly out of the police outpost with the gun in his hands. The Police Constable was the only rank at the station during the time of the incident.

Residents, who were alerted by the gunshot, hurried to the scene when they spotted the rank lying in a pool of blood. He was then picked up and rushed to the Linden Hospital.

Shortly after, the police received a call that a man was walking in the One Mile area with a gun in his hands and the anticrime patrol responded and found Richards locked inside his home.

iNews was informed that the police called out to Richards, requesting that he surrender himself and hand over the weapon, but he opened fire on the ranks, who responded, killing him in the process. The police service revolver, with six spent shells, has been recovered.

Richards was pronounced dead on arrival at the Mackenzie Hospital.





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