Unlicensed driver dead, two friends injured in Essequibo accident

Dead: Safraz Rahim.
Dead: Safraz Rahim.

[www.inewsguyana.com]Twenty – six – year – old Safraz Rahim of Dunkeld, Essequibo Coast is now dead, after the bus he was driving crashed into a trench.

The accident occurred on Friday evening (November 22). Two other men, who were in the minibus – BRR 7926 were also injured and are patients at the Charity Hospital. The two injured have been identified as Ricardo Fitzcow, 19 and Gobin Balkisen, 26.

Police confirmed that before the accident occurred, the dead man was driving at a fast rate when he lost control of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, iNews understands that the young driver was not licensed and was a conductor on the very minibus, which belongs to his parents.

According to information reaching this news agency, the young man decided to drive without his father’s knowledge after he received a telephone call from an uncle who was stranded in Charity.

Reports indicate that Rahim collected two of his friends and the keys of the bus and headed for Charity.

According to reports, the inexperience driver was speeding on the dark lonely stretch of road proceeding to Charity when suddenly at Marias Delight while crossing the concrete bridge at full speed, he lost control and flew off the public road into a nearby drainage trench slamming into a concrete culvert then into a large tree, which it uprooted before plunging into another part of the narrow drainage trench.The damaged bus from another angle.




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