Two Guyanese busted with cocaine at JFK Airport

Alisa Peters
Alisa Peters
Alisa Peters

[] – Two Guyanese citizens are in the custody of US authorities after they were busted separately trafficking cocaine into the United States.

A report carried on Capitol News on Thursday evening detailed that on Monday, August 10, Hilary Shepard arrived at the John F Kennedy International Airport on a Caribbean Airlines Flight from Trinidad and Tobago when Customs and Border Protection found over seven pounds of cocaine in his suitcase.

It was noted that the cocaine was in two large plastic bottles which were wrapped in plastic packages. According to the report, Shepard admitted that he transported the drugs and was offered a payment of US$10,000 to do so.

It was also reported that 22 – year – old Alisa Peters was caught with drugs on August 06 after arriving at the JFK Airport from a Caribbean Airlines Flight. The cocaine was sealed in wooden planks inside her suitcase.

She reportedly admitted that she was to be paid US$8,000 to transport the illegal drugs into the United States.




  1. Dear Harry. is your freedom only worth $8 or $10k? can’t even pay your attorney fees? oh well!!!!you try it. you may get lucky…

  2. Wrong move doing that is so played out, now is the time for people to be enjoying life ,not to jag off to prison for foolishness.

  3. Well it was a man and a woman and both were equally stupid. The woman is pretty enough if she wanted money that badly…simple solution pimp yourself out and make the money. Now she will be doing the same thing in jail.

  4. Alisa is pretty. I don’t think she’ll look the same way when she gets out of jail. Remember, hard work pays!!!

  5. Stupid girls, probably thought if government ministers can dabble in the white lady and get away with it, so can we…. At the end you will be caught, you girls today and your ministers at a later date!

  6. I just came from Guyana Thursday morning and I knew this will end up in the newspaper. The Coalition Govt should have gotten rid of the PPP Soupie on May 12th 2015. He was a time bomb waiting to explode on the new govt, but I must say it was a smart move to get rid of him earlier than later.

  7. Jail these fools. Why they would think that they can beat the detection protocols at JFK is beyond the imagination. Guyana yes JFK no!


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