Two Albouystown men arrested for illegal guns, ammo


gun[] – A police operation in Albouystown yesterday saw the arrest of two men for the illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

According to a police report, at approximately 15:00h, police ranks conducted a search on a house at Curtis Street, Independence Boulevard, during which 2 unlicensed 9mm. pistols along with 3 magazines and 26 matching rounds were found.

The two men are in police custody assisting with the investigations.  




  1. sum guyanese love their illegal have to wonder Y they would have these illegal guns..police cant get all of these illegal guns out of the criminals hands..there are more illegal guns in buxton agricola and linden but police dare people dare not touch those..the stupid ppp should issue guns training and guns to all adults who would love to defend their lives family lives and property from these illegal gun totting criminals


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