Turn in illegal guns or face jail – Ramjattan

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan in discussion with residents prior to the commencement of the community meeting at Whim, Corentyne, Berbice
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan in discussion with residents prior to the commencement of the community meeting at Whim, Corentyne, Berbice
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan in discussion with residents prior to the commencement of the community meeting at Whim, Corentyne, Berbice

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, has expressed his satisfaction so far with the gun amnesty initiative, and he is urging persons to “bring in those illegal guns.”

In an invited comment, following his address to the gathering at the community meeting at Whim, Corentyne Berbice, on Saturday, September 05, 2015, the minister told the Government Information Agency (GINA), “I am pleased that the first day was wonderful, to get a 1000 rounds of ammunition is worth the whole month quite frankly and we must be proud of the fact that it is working.”

The Minister further stated that during his visits countrywide to address Guyanese, he is also using that opportunity to promote the initiative.

“As I come to these meetings, I am telling people, get those friends and family who you know got guns that are illegally possessed and persuade them to bring them in,” he said.

Minister Ramjattan explained that the initiative is one of many which the Administration will implement in its crime fighting efforts.

“It is only one of the tools in the tool box, there are lots of things we have got to do, gun amnesty is one,” Ramjattan explained.

The Minister has again issued a strong call to persons who possess firearms illegally to turn them in during this one month amnesty period.

“I am promising that if you don’t bring them in, in this month, and we catch you, we are going to ensure that you don’t get bail,” Ramjattan asserted.

The minister advised that the law enforcement agencies are getting ‘tip-off’ as to who possesses illegal firearms. He pleaded with those persons to take those guns in to the nearest police station.

The Minister assured that if caught with any illegal firearm, after the one month amnesty period is over, ‘persons will be jailed with no bail.’

The Gun Amnesty initiative was introduced on September 01, 2015 and provides for persons to hand over unlicensed firearms and ammunition to the law enforcement agencies without facing prosecutions. The amnesty ends September 30.



  1. yes there is a lot of church going people that have guns after all they do seem to be in church after they hold up a bus and rob everyone and shoot at people that they think are treats or snitch uncle ram know fully well where he got to go for them but i think he gon loose votes when he go there but he got to go sooner later then they gon scream foul.

  2. I’m kinda curious here…suppose police stop a bunch of men with illegal guns….i guess these men can simply say “officer, we on we way to drop de guns at de police station”……I wonder

  3. Very good suggestion,and Observer any suggestions on the massive stock of guns ROGER K and the PHANTOM have, lets not forget to start revoking all the AR 15 assault rifles permits from all them untrained ppl.

  4. Observer it’s silly to think they are fearful of turning in their illegal weapons. It’s so easy to dump it in the river in that way no one has to be fearful no one has to go looking for pastor Joe. It’s like asking a carpenter to turn in his tools to the legal authorities. Stop it with these silly comments and get real. Ramjattan is a dunce. Ramjattan when in opposition fight for criminals rights and fight to protect criminals and so is Nigel Hughes.

  5. If you could prove anything on any PPP member then go for their balls. Have you ever read about GDF loaning guns to PPP? dum dum !!

  6. Just a little suggestion, since some of those who possess those illegal guns might be fearful of turning them in themselves; how about them turning them in to a trusted Religious Leader or Community Leader, and have that person actually turn the guns in to the Police. Just a suggestion from OBSERVER for Minister Khemraj Ramjattan.

  7. Ramjatt is at the wrong place talking fat talk about bring in illegal guns or face jail. Ramjattan must go into Buxton – Plaisance -Agricola and Linden and demand they bring in the illegal guns now Whim you wimp. The Ramjattan must turn his attention to Robert Corbin of PNC and demand that he must account for those guns loaned to PNC from the GDF. Demand that PNC Corbin bring in those illegal guns or he will jail Corbin. Ramjattan must demand from the person in charge of the army to bring in those illegal guns that was so called stolen from GDF. Come Ramjattan bring your bad man self to the real gun totting bandits. Ramjattan you have no guts no belly no balls to go into those areas mentioned. Ramjattan you are only one Guyanese not to know where all the illegal guns are stashed.


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