Trio remanded for series of armed robberies in Berbice


…one of the convicts threatened reporters outside court house

By Andrew Carmichael

Three men who are accused of committing a series of robberies on the East Bank of Berbice and in the East Canje area were on Wednesday remanded when they appeared before Magistrate Renatta Singh at the Reliance Magistrate’s Court.
The three men, Aubrey Brant, 28, of Lot 61 Number 2 Village, East Canje; Peter Baker, 19, of Lot 8 Canefield New Area, East Canje; and Leroy Guevara, also called “Trini”, a taxi driver of Dr Tulsi Street, Hampshire were not required to plea to the five indictable charges.
It is alleged that on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at Workshop Street Cumberland, while being armed with a gun and in the company of others, the trio allegedly robbed Dirk Sharp of one Mega Pix cellphone valued $7000.
On that day in the same street, it is being alleged that they also robbed Nafeeza Aziz of one gold and diamond ring valued $86,000; two gold rings valued $50,000; one Brazilian gold chain valued US$1500 and $7000 cash.
On the same day and in the same street, they also allegedly robbed Dupattie Aziz of one Samsung Galaxy cellular phone valued $75,000.
They are also accused of unlawfully and maliciously damaging five surveillance cameras valued $90,000 and being the property of Dirk Sharp.
The fifth charge which Magistrate Singh read to them states that between October 30 and 31, 2017, at New Street Cumberland, East Canje, while being armed with a gun and in the company of others, they broke and entered the grocery shop of Vischant Sarjoo and stole $120,000 worth in cellular phone cards, $120,000 worth in cosmetics, $25,000 worth of groceries, $18,000 worth in cigarettes among other items and $60,000 cash all totalling $613,000.

Police ranks try to restrain one of the accused as he threatened reporters inside the Reliance Magistrate’s Court yard, prior to the three men being whisked away to prison

Although the trio was before another Magistrate the previous day, Guevara told the court that it was the first time he was being charged. When Brant was questioned, he attempted the same answer but the Magistrate reminded him that he had a matter before and never appeared in court.
After the accused tried to convince the court that this was not true, Magistrate Singh told him he was being untruthful. “You just rattled off five sentences of lies. Your mother was here and said that you were going to come to court the next day…”
Meanwhile, Barker told the court that he was previously charged with carjacking. Police Prosecutor Sergeant Lennox Polliah asked the court not to grant the accused bail given the fact a gun was used to commit some of the crimes. He said the Police are still investigating. They will have to return to court on December 20.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the trio was before Magistrate Alex Moore at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and was charged with two robberies committed on the East Bank of Berbice.
It is alleged that on Sunday, October 22, at Glasgow Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice, in the company of others and armed with guns, they robbed Pulwantie Singh of a J2 Samsung cellphone, one gold finger ring and one pair of gold earrings.
They are also accused of robbing Roopchand Parmanand of $30,000 on the said night.
After the men left the court and were being escorted into a Police vehicle, Brant hauled several threats to reporters including killing one of them if he were to be released. He had to be restrained by officers on hand as he attempted to attack the reporters.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday at the Reliance Magistrate’s Court, Brant who was allowed to leave the court without any handcuffs, picked up a stone threatening to harm reporters covering the court case.



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