Tree falls, crushing car in Botanical Gardens; couple narrowly escape injuries


By Kurt Campbell


The damaged car in the Botanical Gardens. [iNews' Photo]
The damaged car in the Botanical Gardens. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A woman and a man who is believed to be a couple narrowly escaped injuries when a tree came crashing down onto a parked car in which they were seated in the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown.

The incident occurred around 15:00hrs not far from the Sherriff Street entrance to the garden. When iNews arrived on the scene the hood of the car was completed crushed by the tree while the other parts remained intact.

The couple who were still at the scene refused to comment. The woman who was identified as the owner of the car appeared very worried and distressed. There were also several employees from the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) – which manages the park – at the scene and were engaged in discussions with the couple.

In an invited comment, Commissioner of PAC Damian Fernandes said it was a very unfortunate incident and expressed relief that no one was hurt.

He reminded that most of the tress in that part of the garden is old and efforts are always being made on the park’s part to ensure that very old trees or branches are removed.

Fernandes explained that in this case it was a fairly young tree that uprooted. In relation to the policy for parking in that region of the garden, Fernandes persons are always advised to park with caution and at their own risk.

However, in this case the situation is being carefully assessed since it appeared natural. He could not say at the moment if any compensation would be forthcoming.



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