Town Clerk issue seen as “priority” – Minster Bulkan

Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan
Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan

[] –  Minister of Communities which now encompasses the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry Ronald Bulkan says that the appointment of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk is high on his list of issues to be addressed.

In December 2013 Sooba was appointed in the capacity of Town Clerk at City Hall; however her appointment has not seen an easy tenure as she was accused of not meeting the qualifications to be appointed such a post.

Sooba was met with stern resistance by members of the council and Guyana’s then political opposition who described her appointment as an imposition on the city councillors.

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene was one of the persons who was vocal about Sooba’s appointment and had always maintained that she was least qualified to occupy the post.

Following her appointment, several high drama events unfolded at the city council with several exchanges of words at statutory meetings. This was compounded by several walk outs by the Mayor and councillors and on occasions Sooba herself.

The highlight of the issue however was the several motions of no confidence which were tabled at the council against Sooba, these were however ignored.

Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba
Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba

When contacted on Monday on the issue, Bulkan told iNews that “the question is under consideration now and it’s a priority issue to be addressed.”

Bulkan opted not to comment on whether the no confidence motions against Sooba will be upheld.

On April 11, 2014 Bulkan, a then Opposition member said “it was stated by the APNU that Sooba was unqualified and unsuited and she has imposed on the Town Council, despite her lack of qualification and she never sought to cooperate with the Georgetown City Council.”

The then Shadow Local Government Minister reminded that the council had successfully moved a no-confidence motion against Sooba before her substantive appointment. He said the council is now awaiting her next move.

“It’s now left to be seen if the Minister is going to respect the decision of the court and we will soon learn if Sooba has demitted the office that she occupies there,” said Bulkan.



  1. Sooba was exposing at the corruption at City Hall and Green and his acolytes felt threatened. Green and his lazy, dysfunctional, and incompetent herd always had the city in a mess, only interested in collecting and pocketing tax payers money. Shame on City Hall !!

  2. “Moon does run till day ketch e” This power drunk idiot thought she would be there for ever. This is what total power does, particularly to the uninformed and ignorant. This woman blocked every initiative emanating from the council, even when it had to do with the health and safety of citizens. This puny Caesar’s whole MO was to impose her will with the blessing of Whittaker and company. Look at the condition of the once proud Garden City. Her PPP cohorts practiced tit for tat politics and she got right in line. Locking doors to prevent public meetings. Who did this Hack think she was.This unqualified nonentity. Give her a broom so she can make herself useful.When the mighty falls they fall hard, ask the pee,pee,pee and their supporters now crying foul. These power drunk idiots thought they owned Guyana and the Treasury was their personal piggy bank.Sooba did too.

  3. Sooba displayed all qualities of an idiot. She took the ppp baiting and made a big big fool of herself. What can she expect now. Under the PPP protection she was big and bad an uncalled for approach. Refer back to the court document and act appropriately. The Minister Bulkhan is within his rights.Give her a job that suits her qualification. Dont knock her off.
    This matter as is is been handled very immature by the city and the minister. The minister should have called her in and asked her to resign as an option given the court ruling was available.
    The way the approached the business it looks like she has become a casuality of the colation victory. I dont agree with the way it is been done. Another reproach to the 2020 elections.

  4. Does mr sharma has the qualifications to be a minister within the finance ministry but for sure ms sooba got the no how n exposed corruption at the mayor n shitty council that’s y u guys would target her

  5. yes indeed she has been a disaster to the nation she is very rude u cant give certain people power they will cause chaos man publish the post n let qualified persons apply then choose the very best she has to go the pppc has work for her man don’t waste time with them put all of them where they belong Mr. Bukan . I dnt know who tell these people they will rule foreverr must be jagdeo satan brother.strrrp.all Guyanese na stupidy.

  6. ata bhai bulkan getting in his licks now …hope u cant stand the heat when u realize u r RUBBER lol

  7. Since Ms Carol Sooba has never been confirmed in the post of Town Clerk, then it should not be too difficult for her to be removed. She has been a DISASTER ever since she entered the City Hall.


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