Three teenagers hospitalized after poisoning


suicide_speak_reach[] – Three teenagers are battling for their life in the Suddie hospital on the Essequibo Coast.

According to reports two of the teenagers drank poisonous substances while the other inhaled poisonous fumes while spraying.

Reports indicate that 16 year- old Mahesh Tikalall of the Anna Regina housing scheme is hospitalized after drinking a quantity of poisonous substance.

The teenager who quit secondary school some 18 months ago drank the poisonous substance after allegedly experiencing problems with his girl friend and parents.

Also 16 year old Naresh Arjoon of Wakenaam Island is battling for his life in the Suddie hospital.

Reports are that the teenager drank a quantity of gramoxone after allegedly suffering personal problems. 

Meanwhile a 14 year old student of Spring Garden is also hospitalized after he inhaled poisonous fumes while spraying a rice field.

Reports indicate that he was not wearing any protective gears.




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