Three arrested for murder of Linden businesswoman

Shevon Gordon
Shevon Gordon
Shevon Gordon

[] – Three persons have been arrested for the murder of Lindener, Shevon Gordon, who was shot and killed during an armed robbery in front of her residence on April 04, 2015.

A police media release stated that the men were arrested on Tuesday May 05, and is in custody assisting with the investigations.

The 45 year-old businesswoman of Block 22, Wismar, Linden and her husband Elon Gordon, 48 years, were about to enter their home in their vehicle when two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, confronted the businesswoman who was out of the vehicle.

The men demanded a bag with cash that Shevon had in her possession and she resisted, after which she was shot; the men then took away the bag and ran away.

According to the police, they were pursued by Elon Gordon and his son, 23 year old Devon, who managed to catch up with the perpetrators. A scuffle ensued during which he was shot to his left thigh and the men then escaped with the bag of money.

Shevon Gordon and her son were taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival, while her son was admitted for medical treatment.



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