Teenage hire-car driver hijacked at gunpoint in New Amsterdam

A young hire-car driver from New Amsterdam, Berbice has related the terrifying incident where he was hijacked at gunpoint on Tuesday night.
Kallicharan Sookchand also called ‘Amid’, said the men bound his hands and threw him in a clump of bushes before robbing him and escaping with the car he was driving.
According to Sookchand, at about 20:00hrs he dropped off the owner of the car and, while at the corners of Main and New Streets, New Amsterdam, he was stopped by a man.
“The man say he got to go pick up two girls in the scheme, so I say ‘aright lea we go’…..,” Sookchand said.
The ‘passenger’ made an initial stop at a house, and after about five minutes waiting, he re-entered the vehicle and then directed Sookchand to Angoys Avenue where he stopped the vehicle at the junction of Angoys Avenue and Post Office Road. The driver said when he stopped at the said place, as directed, two men boarded the vehicle before taking control.
“One of them put a gun to me and one of them start choke me from the back. And they tape down me mouth,” the driver recalled.
Sookchand was taken to Savannah Park where he was relieved of his cellular phone valued at $55,000 and $2000 cash along with the car (PTT 6559).
The car is valued at $2.8M and is owned by Shawn Nandalall of Sheet Anchor, East Canje.
According to the 17-year-old driver, two of the men left with the car while the third bandit guarded him. He related that the bandit then received a phone call and based on what he heard, the bandit was instructing the person on the other end of the line on how to open the gas tank.
“The cable for the gas tank not working so you have to use the key and open it but because  is a new model car they think that there must by some button to open it. He pull the duct tape from my mouth fuh me to tell him how to open the gas tank. I holla fuh help and he fire a shot and ask me if I want he to do it the easy way or the hard way,” the terrified driver told this media entity.
With mud still covering most of his body, the frightened teenager said it was three hours after the initial encounter that the man who was with him said he was leaving and removed the duct tape from Sookchand’s mouth and told him not to try to lose the duct tape from his hands until after 15 minutes.
Sookchand complied with the request, by which time the third bandit made good his escape.


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