Teen nabbed with ‘spent shell’ in pants pocket

A 19-year-old shopkeeper from Kitty, Georgetown is in police custody after a ‘spent shell’ of a small calibre weapon was found in his possession.
Police, during a stop-and-search operation about 14:00hrs yesterday on Main Street, Georgetown, found the spent ammunition in the suspect’s pants pocket.
Investigation is continuing.


  1. There is something wrong with this. What law is this teen being charged under, This kid like me does not know that was a crime.
    At 19 I was a lazy whistler. I used shells to whistle As a matter of fact the rifle shells were the best. I picked them up as they dropped from a licensed firearm holder who happened to be a Sanitary inspector in Bartica when I was around 10
    Come on Police find something else to do with your lockups..This is real silly to remand someone for this.

    Let me give you guys some tips about controlling illegal firearms

    At all ports of entry Xray all packages we can hold off on containers for now as we are not equipped to do 100%

    All luggage coming into airports /Borders and ports should be X-ray
    All cars going in and out GDF compounds should be checked
    All cars going in and out Police HQ should be checked
    All guns in Guyana should be ballistic checked Police and GDF included
    Gun Jail needs to be built stiffer fines and penalties needed for gun crimes
    Any motor vehicle on the roadway should be properly identifiable, There should be one source issuing the identification no more street vendors.
    Stiff Penalties for falsifying Motor vehicle tags
    Have night/day traffic courts by traffic commissioners as done in the US,,,No need for crooked legal fraternity

    Guyana should be 100% caller ID Any call going in/out or within Guyana should be identifiable or not allowed to be completed set a date for this..like 2017 dec. Any Phone company that cannot comply should be penalized and shut down if they refuse to comply.

    We have small amount of exists and entry into the city,,,High definition real time cameras is the answer. These will pay for themselves.
    All Police stops should be recorded in real time via wifi to a control center. All speed trap device should do same and printout every time the trigger is pulled. Officer on the spot has no control over write or Leff

    Build the infrastructure of this country. Pay real money employ the youths. Train them Feed them during employment Give them shelter..ake them accountable…Bring in international Builders,,,have the army Core of engineers work along for training themselves and passing on to the youths certifying them as the projects go along helping with food and shelter

  2. REALLY? this is what you’re wasting Police time on? with all the gunfire going on in the country, I’m sure you can find a spent shell every 9 or 10 steps on the streets.


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