Taxi driver beaten unconscious by unrestrained prisoner


Crime[] – Ramnarine Mohabeer, a taxi driver on the Essequibo Coast, was the subject of a surprise assault from a prisoner who was being transported but was unshackled on Tuesday, August 04.

Reports reaching iNews indicate that the driver was standing on the stelling road at Supenaam looking on as prisoners were brought out from a speed boat by police officers when a prisoner, who was not in handcuffs, suddenly rushed up to him and began punching him in the face.

He was punched several times to face and head and rendered unconscious by the unrestrained prisoner. According to the driver, although the prisoner’s feet were in chains he continued the attack him as he lay unconscious.

Mohabeer said the Police officers did not render assistance to him and drove away with the prisoners in their pick up vehicle, leaving him on the ground.

The man also indicated that several other persons were reluctant to render any assistance, speculating that the persons gathered were fearful of the police officers.

Mohabeer said he reported the matter at the Anna Regina Police station. When asked if he had any problem with the remand prisoner, Mohabeer said he learnt that after the attack, the man was heard saying that he [Mohabeer] did not compensate his son who had suffered injuries in an accident while traveling in his car.

According to Mohabeer he did had an accident with his car at Supenaam some months ago and but he had compensated the young man who was injured.



  1. Regardless of the previous incident, the policemen(man) responsible for escorting the prisoner in question should be disciplined for dereliction of duty. End of story

  2. This calls for an investigation and compensation for the taxi driver. The police must be held responsible for allowing this attack and not protecting the victim.


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