Supenaam Creek Farmer takes his own life; Residents slam unhindered sale of poison in the Region


tumblr_l5cgo6xQBA1qzdabwo1_r2_1280[] – Another suicide has hit Region Two. According to reports a 48 -year – old cash crop farmer of Supenaam Creek has ended his life in this tragic manner after experiencing domestic problems with his wife. 

Feroz Ramdimoon reportedly drank a quantity of poisonous substance used for spraying and killing weeds and grass.

He was immediately rushed to the Suddie Hospital Tuesday afternoon (November 25), by relatives and admitted. He died early yesterday morning although doctors tried to save his life.

Only two weeks ago another man who was a mechanic of Hampton Court Sea Dam ended his life by suicide while in a drunken state. He survived a total of four days after the incident during which time he noted his regret.

Several residents of the Region are calling on the Ministry of Social Services and the religious community to take steps to address the depressing situation in the Region.

Residents believe suicide is taking on a life of its own and has become a popular solution to the problems of many. They condemned the unhindered sale of poison in traditionally agricultural district and say the sale of this product along roadsides and at some stores should be stamped out.

They believe persons who are purchasing poison should be properly monitored and investigated before they are sold the deadly commodity.

The residents have also called on the Poison Board to take a strong stand and enforce laws regarding the selling of poison and advice farmers on how to store poison in a safe and secure place away from their homes and family.



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