Students’ Sex Tape: Education Minister advises against cell phone obsession

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand makes her contribution to the Budget debate. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand
Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

[] – In light of the video which has gone viral on social network with four high school students having oral sex, Education Minister Priya Manickchand has called on persons, especially young people and school children to refrain from abusing their gadgets, especially mobile phones.

According to Manickchand, with the advent of social media and the clicking of just a single button to send information anywhere in the world, persons need to be more cognizant of what they do, where they do it and if recording every episode of their lives is necessary.

She said the decision to upload photographs and videos of almost everything has the potential to damage one’s personality and image for the rest of their lives.

“These things can really stay with you for the rest of your lives, whatever the activities are, ease up on the use of the phone and the obsession of capturing everything on the phone and sending it across the world,” Minister Manickchand cautioned.

The video shows two girls performing oral sex on two boys, all dressed in their school uniform from a popular High School in Georgetown. While the sexual act was being performed, another person in the room recorded it.

Manickchand had told iNews that she is “disturbed” at the video and that her Ministry first became aware of it on Thursday, October 02.

She explained that an investigation was immediately launched. The Ministry is seeking to find out when and where the incident took place and the identity of those involved.



  1. this have nothing to with the schools the Education Minister,Education Ministry and all to with the parents why a school age child need a camera phone in the first place the money and time the spend behind phone the put into studying math and English we would have a better pass rater i am so tried of seeing young wasting time.

  2. Ban the cell phones, give more power to teachers…sad that she cannotdo nothing more than appeal…tut tut.

  3. i think the school should become for more strick and enforce more rules, its not only and embarrassment to the parents of those students but an embarrassment on the education system in Guyana. Schools should band cell phone and if students found with then take it away .Allow the school have enuff phone to make call for the students need to make call

  4. u might be able to stop somethings but u just ca not stop all things especially things like what these kids done..its their time now..its fun to them..they will know it later on in life how wrong they are but right now who could tell them they wrong..


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