Stone laden truck almost falls into Essequibo River while boarding Vessel


By Leroy Smith

unnamed (2)[] – A stone laden truck became partly submerged in the Essequibo River this morning while attempting to board a vessel at the Parika Stelling.
iNews was told that the incident occurred just after 6:00 hours. The driver of the truck reportedly mis – averaged the planks while navigating to make his way on the vessel. The man refused to give iNews a Comment on the mishap but according to persons at the Stelling, the driver is at fault.

The truck was prevented from completely falling into the river when the front came to brace on the side on the vessel. Another truck was then used to anchor the falling one; preventing it from moving further.
At the moment an excavator from the Ministry of Public Works is at the stelling trying to assist in removing the truck. The truck was contracted by the Ministry to take stones to Bartica. unnamed (1)

Presently there are only two trucks on the vessel and three passengers, including a baby who was able to board before the truck got stuck.

All operations have been brought to a standstill as a result of the situation.




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